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i own or have owned a LG 32LB75 and

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same story as the LG 32LC56 vote but for the 32LB75
and it only £429 http://www.empiredirect.co.uk/content/products/details/index~modelcode~LGE-32LB75.htm#_

and please dont recomend another more expensive tv as i serousley dont have the money the only reason i am even considdering spending £30 is because it has a what hi-fi 5 stars is brighter and has 3 hdmi (so it save me buying a splitter box soon )

if you have a LG 32LC56 please vote hear.




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Voted, Excellant for gaming and DVD, Hd DvD looks great but Standard DVD's through Component cables on my Xbox look excellant too.
Free view through standard sketchy up close but Virgin Media standard Digital Good too.

Hope this helps,

well it looking good so far roll on march 1st. as long as the price is the same (or lower) i will probley go for this set.
any way the more votes the better i willfeal about this set


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I got this set delivered on Friday and spent the weekend trying to figure out why normal TV (through my SKY+) box was so poor.

My composite XBox 360 connection is superb, but watching football on BBC1 yesterday through SKY was terrible quality... lots of corruption around the players.

I have read some advice that says a more expensive SCART cable (the connection i'm currently using) would improve the picture, and others that have said using the s-video would result in a better picture.

Can anyone make any recommendations?
i just got my xbox 360 ready for the new tv in march. 1 thin about the 360 the games are deffinatley made for hd. on my current 28" (or about) small wrighting cant be read in dead rising.
well its going good so far exept empire direct have upped the price to £450 but this set is still in the running the only reason i may not get it is if the 32LC56 goes down in price more, no offence £30 was not a problem but if it get more like £70 or more then i will go for the 32LC56. at the moment the votes are neck and neck. keep voteing please if you own any of the 2 sets. and roll on march


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I also have one, ps3 excelent, ps2 via components also excelent (much better then the original cable), and with vga input also very nice, so far i´m very pleased with this set.


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I have one, but I'm not very happy with this TV. :(
I bought it to replace my 20" monitor, (never used it as a tv, only monitor, watching movies, game...) but i have some problems.
VGA is OK. Not perfectly sharp, but it is usable. But over VGA I can't use too much resolutions.
DVI-HDMI is not good, no 1:1 pixel mapping. ( It is able to handle any resolution i set in driver, but the tv shows always 1366x768, and there is no option in the menu to change anything. When I set 1360 or 1366 x 768, the picture is not sharp, there are vertical sharp and fuzzy (areas) lines. I tried everything, changed cable, VGA card, no success.
I want to try it over my dvd player to see, only hdmi/dvi is corrupt or the other hdmi inputs too but with a movie it is not easy. (I think i will write a dvd with text to see it.)

(Sorry for my bad english.)
i realy wanted this tv but the price just keeps going up and up. i am realy getting ****** off its gone up £50 since xmas luckley ther are a few more places selling iy for £450. if you see it going cheap on line let me know


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well this is the tv i am going to get thanks
for you help. ill ber getting it around march 3rd just wanna know if you can recomend the best on line retailer digital direct are selling it for 435 including shipping http://www.digitaldirect.co.uk/products_moreinfo3/index.asp?product_id=13724
have any of you delt with tham or can recomend them ? let me know
Dixons have it for 425 with if you use the AW10 code. (Not that I would recommend Dixons though as I am currently in customer service hell with them right now, but should finally be getting my lg tomorrow).
well i just orded it thanks for all your help. once it arives and ive had chance to play with it ill give you a little review.

ime off out to get a hdmi lead for my xbox 360 ( a cheap one about £10 no way am i buying the microsoft one for £40)

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