LG 32LB1D or toshiba 32wlt68 HELP ME PLEASE!


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I'm having a hard time deciding which of these to go for :(

I have actually just ordered the toshiba but they are sorting out the finance side so i could still change my mind.

I was totally sold on the toshiba as i generally do notice ghosting on my hyundai q321 and the colour/contrast isnt great... BUT

then i read some more and found out the toshibas dont like pc's very much?

I will be using my pc to play certain videos on the tv via a DVI>HDMI cable so am i really better off just getting the LG which does seem to support the proper 1360x768 resolution?

i find it really bizzare that the toshiba panel is rated at 1366x768 yet it cant show that resolution with vga or dvi ?unless i am mistaken?

please help me decide as i will need to cancel tomorrow if i have made a mistake.



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