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Hi guys,

I'm downsizing in my new room.

I was looking at televisions with a white surround and 26" In size.

I found this lg set on ebay, and won it on auction.

With my ps4, the picture/Image is stunning.

I understand you need 32" For the 1080p benefit, thats what i hear people say, but i set settings to 720p and there is a big difference

Please may i ask how much this tv sold for at the original rrp.

Thank you.


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Which resolution is sufficient depends on the distance you're away from it. If you've got this perched on a desk or table that you're sitting at and you're only 60cm away then the extra resolution will absolutely make a difference.

Whereas on a 32" a couple of meters away in a living room setting it's much less significant.

The artificial nature of game graphics having perfect sharpness is also more noticeable than the natural blur involved in capturing video from the real world.

You also have to make sure your source quality isn't changing, for example lower resolution video streams are commonly of lower quality. I'm not sure if the PS4 reduces any image quality settings when set to a lower resolution.

Forum search suggests it was around £300 in 2010.
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