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LG 26" Component Brightness

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by Shakey_Jake33, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Shakey_Jake33


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    Figured I'd make this into a separate thread, as it might attract people who would not be interested in reading the 'LG 26lx2r' thread, but might still be able to help me with my problem.

    Anyway, got an LG 26LX2R from Comet, loving it so far. The DVI and HDMI picture is flippin' excellent, using both my PC and my Oppo upscaling DVD Player.
    Suprisingly, even the RGB Scart looks quite lovely, nice clean and clear.

    I'm having a little issue with the Component however. It's hard to quite explain it really... basically everything seems a bit too bright. It's almost like the sun is too bright in whatever film or game your playing.
    It effects some games more than others... F-Zero GX or Mario Kart: Double Dash for example look excellent still, but Outrun2 is quite a pain on the eyes...

    I've managed to reduce the problem by fiddling with the Brightness/Colour/Contrast/etc, tweaking everything to balance it out, and it looks much better, but still not perfect.


    Luckily, tweaking them only effects the Component, with other connections using their own settings.

    Anyway, any ideas as to what is causing this? The set would be fine otherwise.

    EDIT -
    EDIT - I fired up Resident Evil 3 on the GameCube over Component and it looked flippin' perfect, no lie! Far better than RGB Scart. o_O

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