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Hi there,
I have my LG connected to a PS3 via HDMI and use the LG mainly for gaming.
I have had my LG for about 4 weeks now and for the first 3 it has been just fine.
Basically, I would turn my PS3 on and everything, at first, is running smoothly at 1080P. I could then start a game up and still it would be ok. Sometimes I can be playing for an hour and a half without any problem, and then suddenly the screen goes black. (Must point out that my Audio is connected to a 2.1 HiFi via AV) I can still hear audio.
The first thing I would do to get the picture back was to bring up the input list.
To begin with, I thought that it was, somehow magically changing itself to a different option on the list as when the list came up the tick would be next to HDMI 2 instead of HDMI 1 (Which I was connected to). But on closer inspection, I no longer think that is what's happening as when I wanted to get the input list up, during this blackout, I had to press the input button twice, (which I now realize is another way of changing to the next input on the list).
I would then get the picture back by changing the input back to HDMI 1 and everything would be fine again, though this problem can happen more than once during one play-through.
Unlike the blinking problem I've heard about with PS3s, the screen remains black.
Though I now think that it is me who is changing the input, I still don't know why it is blacking out and why it takes 2 presses of the input button to show up rather than 1, once it has blacked-out.

Please help! I seem to be the only one to suffer from this problem and it is very upsetting as I have waited ages to get a HDTV.

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Hi TRGary,

I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue, sounds very frustrating & very odd! I've passed it on to the guys at LG HQ and will keep you posted as soon as I get an answer.



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