LG 22LE5300 - Volume Alters Itself


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I have an LG 22LE5300 LCD television.

At random times, the volume will raise itself to minimum volume (irritating) or to maximum volume (distressing since I live with other people in the apartment). The television will cease to respond to commands, either from the remote or from the touch-sensitive buttons on the face for the duration of the malfunction.

I've tested that the remote isn't malfunctioning (I've taken the batteries out of it and the TV will still behave erratically).

While I was troubleshooting via the TV's own menu screen (using the remote control), the menu item I had selected began changing on its' own (in the same way that the volume will raise/lower on its' own).

The warranty has expired (oddly enough, the warranty expired around the time the erratic behavior started). I cannot afford a new TV, and am doubtful that I could afford to have the TV serviced (I am in college).

Any suggestions on how to diagnose and possibly treat the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe the volume button the remote is stuck, next time the voloume starts going up, cover the end of the remote with you hand and see if the volume stop increasing.
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I tried taking the batteries out of the remote to make sure that the problem wasn't related to the remote itself. The TV suffers the same problem whether the remote has batteries or not.

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