LFE settings and Harman Curves question

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Hi all, a question I think but am not sure I know the answer for :

If you have chosen an Xdb lift in the lower frequencies to match the Harman curve, which is exactly what I have done for all channels, should the LFE channel, the 0.1, have that lift as well ?

Heres's my graph of the current curve averaging all 7 channels, the null at 25 Hz didn't sound better resolving with gain with sub EQ and I can see that predicted with my room and seating position, I have also accepted that the peak at 68Hz is the non EQ'd speakers that are picking up the 68Hz room node, I don't EQ any channel apart from the subs, its also mostly the rears and surrounds that are picking up this peak, fronts are okay, so again accepting of this

But should my LFE channel be nearer the 90db line or 80 db line when played to check the sound levels ?

I match the channels with pink noise and I am showing a 6db gain if I set the sub at the same level as the Harman curve would indicate

I will experiment by ear, the bass is very strong so needs to be backed off a bit but I'd like to do it evenly

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 07.36.20.png

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