Lexicon RT10 vs Teac DV50 vs Linn Unidisk 2.1



:confused: Anyone care to offer an opinion on the Lexicon RT10 versus the Teac DV50 versus the Linn Unidisk 2.1? I have a Lexicon MC12 balanced and a Lexicon LX5. I want something that's good with all the various music formats as well as DVD. The shop I went to told me that the RT10 can't really cut it against the other 2 (it's based on a Pioneer model?) but the one they seem to like is the Linn. I know there's not a lot between them price-wise and I also know there is a Denon that's good but in a lower price bracket (the AV11 I think). Cheers.


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had the Linn and Lexicon both at home over xmas. thought the lexicon was better than my fmj dv27, but the unidisk was SO much better it was untrue. i think that if you are after high end, the linn is an amazing cd player as well, although the new Primare V30 looks quite tasty too, not had a chance to play with it just yet. the denon may be very good but all these problems that seem to occur are putting me off it. the arcam offfers very good performance at a reasonable price and any problems are always ironed out with the regular software/firmware updates.
BTW, picture-wise, the Linn offers DVI output wheras the Lexicon doesn't, this may swing you if you have a plasma/PJ.


Thanks for the reply. I think I'm leaning towards the Linn anyway. I use an Imerge Soundserver for music so a standalone CD player isn't really an issue right now. A "one for all" box of tricks is what I'd like but a good quality one. The Linn doesn't have XLR Digital Audio out (the Lexicon does according to the manual) which is a let down as I have a spare XLR cable. I already have a Nordost component video lead hooked up through the walls and ceiling so I'll go down that route for video connection.


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The Teac DVD50 is also supposed to be a good machine - I heard it through an MC12 running Kef ref speakers via Chord amps and was simply stunned by the HC sound. Cant comment on the TEAC in particular but the whole set up sounded wonderful.

Nic Rhodes

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Linn is class

haven't heard the teac

was underwelmed by Pimare

never heard the Lecicon (tomorrow!!)

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