Lexicon DC-1 - what do you think


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I am just wondering if to buy a lexicon DC-1 processor it has THX, DD, DTS, LOGIC 7(lexicons ex and es).
its at the right price around £ 500
do you think that they are as good as they say they are or are they vastly over rated

i would like to know your opinions

my main aim it to get the best sounding and adjustable prossesor for my needs / room at the minimum cost (i have just upgraded most of my room and this is the final part)

other equipment is

boston THX speaker system 7ch
Marantz AV9000 THX pre amp
Marantz MM9000 THX power amps
Arcam dv88 plus

thanks in advance

gmt steve

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I thought you already had a Marantz proccesor as well Mark:D .
I've used the Lexicon before and they are very slick to use, and sound great. The only major drawback is not many Video inputs, but that might not matter to you. The DC-1 is a bit long in tooth now, older DACs, none of the latest sound modes, but at that price.......I'd snap it up.
Check out Lexicon and see about upgrading the unit to a newer spec. It's something they have always done for customers in the past.


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Hi Steve

forgot to put pre amp in so will edit post well spotted, i am well pleased with the av9000 just wondered if the DC-1 was any better

Lexicon say that they can upgrade it

it comes with THX,DD,DTS,LOGIC7

they say they can upgrade to


and if you engage a DTS setting called DTS THX EX it will decode
DTS ES surrounds

not bothered about the inputs as i dont route any video through the prosessor it goes straight to the scaler

only need 2 digital inputs

gmt steve

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£500......do it Mark. It should be better than the Marantz, even given it's vintage. Make sure you don't need any 24/96 processing either, as I think the DC-1 only(!) has 20 bit DACs. Lexicon may upgrade the DACs as well.


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It's a good deal at £500. I paid more than that and I am happy with the purchase (although mine came with the version 4 (ex) software and 24 bit dacs).

I would question whether you need the ex upgrade. I just leave mine in logic 7.
Also the 24 bit dacs supposedly add nothing to the 20 bit ones as the unit was designed for the 20 bit dacs and Lexicon only used 24 bit ones on later models because they were the ones available at the time.
Regards Peter
Hi Mark, Sorry to interupt but can i ask you where they are available for around £500 ? or is this a single unit private sale ?
Thanks ,John.

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