Lexicon CP3 Info required please

Nic Rhodes

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For all you old timers out there......

I remember the CP3 from about 10 years ago. A great piece of kit in it day with dual remotes and a £3300 price tag. Did Lexicon ever update this processor with Logic 5/7 processing. I can't remember it on there orifginally.

Anyone remember?



I remember this product as well and heard a demo by Anthony Grimani (Then the director of Home THX) who told me that it was built like a tank. Good piece of kit at the time.

Regarding your question I do not know, although you could ask Lexicon or post on WWW.SMR-FORUMS.COM as they have a dedicated discussion all things Lexicon.

Hope this helps.



Nic Rhodes

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Originally posted by Adzman

Not trading in your TAG are you?



Thought you were upgrading to an Arcam, thats what the rumour was :devil:

No. Seriously I am being given a Ambiosonic decoder. I hope this might be a Logic 7 decoder and that just leaves with finding an old Meridian for Tri field (and Ambio) and I can have a real shootout. :D

The bees are in bed for the winter and thought this might be fun.


What let my beloved black boxes go????????


Hope you find out the info u want, as that little shoot out would be interesting.....

Keep us informed


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