Lex not happy about Phillip Dick adaptations, try this!


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Had the fortune of watching Imposter on sky movies a while ago, its another Phillip K Dick adaptaion and in my opinion up there with Blade Runner and Minority Report, a very underrated film, Gary Sinise gives an intense performance.

Similar feel to minority report, no doubt if it had bigger stars it would have been a bigger film, got the DVD for £5.99 , can't remember where from though!

Has an ending ;) know what i mean??


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And don't go by IMDB ratings, this is one of the many occasion where the ratings do no reflect the film.


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It's Impostor, not Imposter :) in case it doesn't come up in a search. £4.49 at Play


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Isn't there supposed to be a new Phillip Dick adaptation being made ? I can't remember the director, but I think it's someone usually associated with action films - maybe Woo ?

Rambo John J

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so which is the UK version of Impostor, as in "how long is it"? The R1 directors cut disc is 102 minutes and R rated, the only listings I've seen for the 15-rated R2 have it clocked at 91 minutes, the shorter US theatrical PG-13 version.

As the R1's only about £6 I've gone with that (£6.82 delivered @ Pacific).


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cant explain the differnce in times for R1 and R2, though when i researched the editions I did not notice anything about cuts, but the R1 version does have the original short film (with the same actors I beleive) that got extended into the feature lenght.

Let us know what you think of it.


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Thanks for the recommendation Harj - will check it out :smashin: It's gotta be better than Screamers :rolleyes: :D

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