Letter from Sony Regarding a complaint


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I complained to Sony regarding my Sony 725D DVD player and number of problems i've had/got with it, and here is the response, which is basically.......Get Lost

Dear Mr MJN

Thank you for your recent email.

Despite the stringent disciplines applied during manufacture, it is possible that any electronic product can suffer from failure. This is one of the main reasons why manufacturers offer guarantees with consumer products.

Sony does not collate statistics in such a way that we can provide details of the average lifespan of any model. The nature of electronics means that components can fail spontaneously and this can occur at any stage of a products life ('life' being determined by the product being economically repairable). It is therefore not possible to give a meaningful guideline with regard to the lifespan of any model as the issue is subjective.

Having said this I do unerstand that you are disappointed with the particular product that you have purchased, and it is with much regret that we cannot assist you further in this matter.

Please note that your original email and this reply will be deleted, as requested. However, if you do initiate further email contact with Sony United Kingdom Limited, please indicate in your text if you wish to have your details deleted in line with the Data Protection Act.

With best regards

Peter Shorney
For and on behalf of
Sony United Kingdom Limited


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This is an absolute disgrace but no surprise at all. I have a 725 as well. Its component video outputs lay unused until I got a TV which could accept this type of signal and guess what......no picture. They didnt work.

I didnt even bother contacting them about how I could get it fixed - I know exactly how these companies work.

An Arcam DVD player is now attached to those inputs (until I get a projector!) and there's always someone on the end of the phone willing to help - just look at the threads describing their customer service.

There's only one solution to this attitude - dont buy their stuff. I personally would rather spend more on a better player with aftersales support than a Far East clone whose manufacturer doesn't want to know afterwards.


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i have to say after reading this I would thing twice before buying Sony again (and this is a long term Sony fan talking) that kind of attitude is utterly unforgivable. I certainly have Arcam in mind for my next DVD player reading the threads about their excellent service.

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Let me apologise in advance if you knew this, and also apologise for getting a bit off-topic, but the component outputs have to be enabled in the setup menu where you must choose between component or RGB but not both. Again, you may already have known this.

I had a 725 and actually thought it was very good, however, I guess the measure of a company is how well it responds to those customers who do encounter a problem.



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I don't own any Sony equipment and I havent seen the original letter sent to them, but to ne honest I wouldn't expect much of a different reply from any of the brands I own (Toshiba, Panasonic etc)

It is clear these companies use extended warranties as a method to cut themselves out of the loop after the initial guarantee.


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Originally posted by MarkB4506
Allan - component output was indeed enabled in the relevant menu.
Was it region hacked? Many of the region hacks took this feature out...



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Originally posted by MarkB4506
Don't want to be getting off thread, but yes it was. The mod did not disable any features tho. RGB and other items which can be disabled were all there.
You mean " The mod was not *meant* to disable any features ".
But I'll bet a tenner thats what caused it.

The problem with Component ports was that up until recently it was difficult to test that they still worked after doing a mod, but many mod chips disabled this. My own 725 had this issue. I fixed it by flashing an update that fixes the lip sync issue with the 725. That disabled the mod and the component ports started to work.



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Well i won't be buying any more Sony equipment. As an update the DVd player has now given up, and just display C13:00 for 95% of my 200+ discs.

I have a few things to try, but they involve a soldering iron, but i got nothing to lose now!

A couple of the original letter i sent as follows.


I would like to complain about the Sony 725D Sony DVD player i purchased in July/August 2000 from Hi-Spek Electronics UK. Having paid £530 for the player, i'm disgusted that it should start to fail after only 18 months. Now after around 28 months, the problems are mounting up. These are:

1) If the player is in standby, and you press eject or power button, the player will power on for around 5 seconds, then go back into standby.

2) Not all discs will play, after a few seconds of spinning, error C13:00 is shown on the screen. Eject the disc a few times, and it'll work. I might add that the same discs work on another non-Sony DVD perfectly.

3) After pausing a movie, and then pressing play, the centre channel will be muted!! So i have to stop the disc, and then press play again!

4) And the most annoying fault, is the constant "clicking" / "ticking" / "vibrating" or whatever you wish to call it, coming from the player when playing any DVD. This fault is getting worse, it was intermittent, but now it is constant, and very annoying. Especially on quiet parts of films. I might add that the player was repaired for this fault after only 4 months from time of purchase. And the error came back shortly after the 1 year warranty expired!

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