Let's summarise sky + boxes in one thread.

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On the back of the many threads recently on sky+ and the different manufacturers of the digi box I'd like your comments on the three main ones that appear to be in circulation just now. Contrary to what Sky, an installer and other people have said, the truth appears to be that the new boxes with 40 hrs recording time are made by Amstrad, Thompson and Pace. The installer told me only Amstrad made these and this was what he had to fit. Brought the box in and said "Oh......this is the first Thompson one I've seen."

Although I asked at the time of ordering for a Pace and was told, "No problem we're only fitting Pace boxes now." I let him go ahead and fit it anyway.

Apparently Pace is the best, Thompson a close second and Amstrad a poor third due to noisy fans and ticking drives etc.

So lets summarise all three by people who have had them fitted with or without problems.

My Thompson is as quiet as a mouse and appears to be doing just what it says on the tin and working perfectly. There is absolutely no difference in PQ. Dont know how I managed to live without it up till now.


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I've just ordered Sky+ (see PVR3 for £65 thread) and I asked if the box would be an Amstrad - he said no, it would be a Pace Thomson.

A new brand altogether!

I asked, is that a Pace or a Thomson? Yes, a Pace Thomson sir.

Doh! :suicide: :rolleyes:

At least whatever I get won't be another Amstrad... I hope
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