Leon: Directors Cut £5.99

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From somebody who bought the US Blu copy, this is worth picking up. Sure, Besson has employed some rather obnoxious techniques to "freshen up" the image, but this is the way he wants it to look, and won't be issued otherwise. Subjectively, it looks great, with a robust audio mix, and to pick it up for under £6 is a good way to spend such money.

For anyone bothered by the fact that the US edition has the audio encoded at 96 rather than 48, it makes just about sod all difference in the real world.

golden phoenix

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now £17.99
just about to order it at play!..but its £5.99 at amazon if your quick!!!:D ordered..bound to go up again


another point about ..play "deal of the day"..it doesnt actually last a day! ive noticed this a few times now...
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golden phoenix

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Now £8.99 at both Play and Amazon.

massive price fluctuations..glad i got it at £5.99 then when i posted..but wouldnt be surprised if it dropped again!

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