Lenspen SensorKlear II Pen + Loupe (DIY Sensor Cleaning)


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A few months ago, I bought a Lenspen SensorKlear II and Loupe for DIY sensor cleaning from UK Optics as I found it was costing £35.00+ each time at Calumet. Answer was a DIY solution.

I took delivery of a Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 AF Di LD (IF) Macro today and checked for operation indoors using the pop-up flash and set the lens to f/14 @ ISO 100 and fired off a few rounds. Having reviewed the images from the new lens, I saw a black spot at the top of each image in the same position. I checked the rear of the new lens and nothing was there, so it had to be a sensor related issue.

This is the first time I've done this BTW.

So, out with the Lenspen SensorKlear II and loupe. I removed the lens and the camera was set to cleaning mode and I placed the body on it's back and inserted the illuminated loupe onto the lens mount and adjusted the loupe focus and saw the speck on the sensor as clear as day right away . . A few dabs with the SensorKlear II pen and the speck was gone. A quick tidy wipe to finish off. I switched off the camera, popped on my Tammy 90mm f/2.8 and fired off a few more frames indoors with flash and images were perfectly clear. Hurrah! Job done.

It took 2 minutes and saved about £40.00 to have it cleaned in a shop. Brilliant! Everyone should buy the combo. It's a simple DIY method and very effective.


A lot of you would've used a blower. Trust me when I say that without an illuminated magnifying loupe to inspect the sensor, you have no idea where a blower will blow dust and other crud, or what remains on the sensor itself. Neither could anyone know what type of contamination it is, so using the sensor pen first will establish that before moving onto a wet clean and/or repeating with a dry clean.

As it turned out in my case, the speck wouldn't come off when wiped in one direction, so I wiped in the opposite direction which is when the speck was removed. A blower wouldn't have moved it in a lifetime (it was a sticky spot).

I trust you'll find this info useful. I was apprehensive, but having done it now, it's easy-peasy lemon squeezy.
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I have the same kit and it works well, the only issue I've had is be careful when moving the pen near the edge/off the sensor, I managed to drag more crap onto the sensor in this manner so always go from middle out now or avoid going over the edge. This may of been a result of using a blower in the past for dust that wouldn't stick to the sensor because it's very smooth but does to the surrounding area.

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