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Lens shift attachment to watch PJ in smaller spaces?


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I have just bought an Optma Hd67N, love it so far, but am not able to enjoy the full experience due to not having a hugely wide living room.

Are there any options top increase the projection size? A lens attachment etc? I know for the kinect there's an attachment you can get that you attach over the lens and enables you to lose it in smaller spaces.

I did have an Epson TW20, not amazing but it did have a wicked zoom, that enabled you to project a really massive size over a very short distance.

Anyway this may not even be possible, but was thinking surely there is something on the market?




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You really should have specifically looked out for a short throw projector before purchasing the HD67. Any sort of lens attachment you might be able to get would most likely either noticeable degrade the picture quality or would end up costing more than your projector itself.


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The Optoma GT750 would have been a better choice pj.


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Hi there,

Ok well that's great to know, need to find myself a mirror and get it tested. It doesn't appear to affect the quality much, so will give it and go and see.

Thanks again for the help, will let everyone know how it goes!


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