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Hi All

Currently trying to make a decision as to what I should do here. I have a 70d, so crop sensor camera. I will at some point in the future move to a FF body, but that could be in 6 months, a year, 5 years. I dont know yet, all I know is that i'm fairly certain it will happen. With that in mind, when i've been buying lenses or looking at lenses, I tend to favour EF mounts for the option to keep and use them in the future. Views are divided with some people saying you shouldnt worry about future proofing as by the time you actually need a FF lens, there may be a better FF lens available.

Im not a pro yet, but what I do like to do is get the best quality that I can.

Currently, I have the 18-135mm STM Kit lens, a 50mm 1.8 and an 85mm 1.8.

I don't really like the 50mm 1.8 and I am considering changing it for a 1.4 but i hear rumours that a new 50mm may be around the corner.

My question is about the 18-135mm. I have an opportunity to buy a EF 24-105mm L Lens at less than £350. This is a good price for the lens. Do you think that I should change my 18-135 for it? Before everyone says the obvious, that its great on a FF body but too long on a crop, I know that. I know I will be losing out quite a lot in the wide end, but if I were to do it, I would eventually supplement it with something to fill that end in, maybe the 10-22 or something like that. I also plan to get a 70-200 when funds allow to fill in and extend the long end.

So based on the fact that I may go FF in the future, and that I am aware of the range I will lose, will I be better of in terms of IQ or not? I know the 18-135 has the STM benefit which is great for video and was why i was keen to get this lens kit, but realistically, im not sure how much video i will actually shoot.

I think that if i had to pay full price for the 24-105, it would be a definitely no, but as im getting it at that price, then it changes things a bit, what do you think?


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Alternatively, should I prioritise the 70-200 first and then look at the other lenses later on?

I mainly intend to shoot indoor portraits and product shots (including food and cakes etc), but would definitely like to shoot wildlife. I also want a good walkabout lens. I perhaps should keep the 18-135 for a walkabout, but then i'd be limited in terms of IQ for the times that I want top notch images at that range.

Edit again: One thing that I really dislike about lower end lenses is the variable aperture, I much prefer a constant aperture across the range, so thats a big plus point for the 24-105 for me


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Go for the 24-105 you won't regret it. I have used one for many years first on my 7D and now my 6D. Gives excellent picture quality and is very well built. However I found that I needed to supplement this lens on the 7D particularly. At the wide end I added a 10-22 for landscapes (careful though the 10-22's are EF-S lenses). At the long end the choice, if money is tight, is between the Canon 70-200 (you can pick up a non IS fairly reasonably) and a the Tamron 70-300 VC. The first being an L series lens is slightly better built and probably slightly sharper. The second has a fantastic VC, good build quality, constant F2.8 and has extra reach.

Whatever "walkabout" lens you decide on it will not be an answer to all the needs you state in your post.

Good luck with the choice.

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