Lenovo SmartTab M8 - No Notification sounds in background?


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About a week ago I was fortunate to find someone local who was selling one of these tablets as it came with a brand new phone he bought, but he was more an iPad guy.....

Anyway, it's a lenovo SmartTab M8 Model No. TB-8505XS
Made in June 2021. So the very latest version/build of this device :)

It has a Sim/Memory card slot, so have put in a Micro SD card, and also a brand new THREE PAYG sim. (same type as I use in my smartphone)

All is great, and very happy apart from one aspect..... I don't seem to get notification sounds from apps in the background.

Here is where I am so far.
If I actually RING the phone number of the tablet, then it fires up, I hear the ringtone, and the display lights up (incoming call)

If I'm actually in (on screen) with email, or Google chat/SMS messages, or WhatsApp, then I hear notification sounds.
However, when I'm not actually in these apps (they may still be open in the background) I get no notification sounds.

If the screen is on, then I will see a silent drop down alert on the screen telling me I have a notification.
If the screen is off, I get absolutely nothing to see or hear.

But if I've got the app open on-screen then it's fine.

It's as if I have notifications off, or on silent, but I've not set anything to be silent as as far as I can see all notifications are turned on.

Any ideas very welcome :

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