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Hi all
Just recieved a RGB to VGA convertor c/w VGA cable from Lektropacks and am having a problem with locking onto the RGB signal from my grundig GDS3000 digibox into a Panny th37pw4 plasma PC input.
Every so often the screen loses the sync for a moment, this seems to happen on programme scene changes and between adverts.
I have configured my sceen to accept RGB on the PC input and sync on H&V. I have tried narrow and wide pull-in ranges and moved the clamp position to no avail.
Any help or thoughts would be very welcome.


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Seems that some digiboxes have trouble outputting a solid sync signal with these sort of cables ...

if you scan the forums you'll find some users are OK and can save a few quid ... others have to bite the bullet and send it back and then look at Dr. John's converter box solution which generates a very strong/stable sync signal ...

maybe see if you can borrow someone else's cable/rgb>vga box and try it ...


Jon Weaver

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Does the converter you have, have an option for a PSU?

My SyncBlaster worked OK for a few minutes and then I pressed the 'Sky' button, after that it all went to s**t.

The problem is that the power for the electronics in the converter, comes from Pin 8. However, the voltage on Pin 8 varies depending on whether the picture is 4:3 or 'wide'.

Fortuantly, the SyncBlaster came with a PSU as standard and once this was connected, it was fine.


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The convertor is similar in look to the JS box and not just a conversion cable. It comes with a power supply to the mains and a VGA cable.
So given the power supply should hopefully give a stable signal I cannot see why I am having Sync dropout.



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Hi All,

just in case there's any confusion, I have nothing to do with the Lektropacks units.

Some Digiboxes are more difficult to work with than others, which is why there's extra circuitry inside my design to cope with weird signals. Some companies put "stabilisation" circuitry in for this reason (see certain S-Video converters), but this isn't the problem - Sky already gives a very stable picture. What you need is to be as faithful to the original as possible. And that's what the RGB to Plasma VGA unit is supreme at. It's a very unique design, and simply designed to be the best.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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