lego harry potter


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Great Spot on the Harry Potter; just got the last copy in Milton Keynes.
Beats anywhere else i've found by at least £8.


You :censored::censored: I just went in there looking to get a copy and they had sold out - they did say they are getting more in tomorrow though :smashin:


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Shopto were doing the Limited Edition for £32 including DVD, Fridge Magnets, Legoland Voucher and funky looking box. I can't check the website at the moment but it was cheaper than the normal version :thumbsup:


Is it on both formats for Lego Harry Potter my son whats this for his birthday?



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Been in my local store (Walsall) a few times since last Saturday, and theyve not had it on any formats. However, it was back in stock today :clap:

Yeah, I just picked it up from my local as well - they had loads back in

Is it on both formats for Lego Harry Potter my son whats this for his birthday?


Didnt see it on X-box (why would I look :D) but they had it on Wii

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Price seemingly hasn't gone back up yet at Sainsbos - picked up the PS3 version at lunchtime.

It was the only copy in though, and nothing for the 360, so finding a branch with stock might be a bit of a lottery.


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Quite a few PS3 in my local on Saturday, so thanks for the tip. Played it last night. Very nicely done - back up to Star Wars form I thought, but when o when are they going to sort out a mid-level save option. 90 minutes for one level last night, when you're faffing around trying to collect everything. Fun though.


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we got a copy on the DS for £22 in tesco yesterday and sainsburys afterwards was cheaper:facepalm:

they had loads in stock in hayes though

sainsburys offers usually finish on tuesday nights so it should be that price until at least then

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