Lego Harry Potter


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Anyone got Lego Harry Potter 1-4 on the Wii?

Got it the other day and its absolutely ace. Can see me playing this one through to the end, unlike Indy :)

Gameplay is great, and the puzzle-y bits not too difficult so I can play alongside my 4 year old on this.

9/10 for me!


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Got this from Sainsbury's just now (£25 very nice), love it! Big fan of Lego games, although Indy 2 was pretty meh.

Love the fact they reverted back to game engine cutscenes, rather than pre-rendered ones like in Indy 2. Everything feels much more polished than that abomination - love the dressing room for create-a-character!


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very good game, have completed story mode and want to do better using some of the codes for things like stud magnet etc. am at the bit to put the codes in but cant seem to scroll through letters/no's. Just have two blank arrows on the board - anyone help?


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I was watching Gametrailers' video review of it last night. At the start, my gf said "that's one game we won't be getting" (neither of us are Harry Potter fans). By the end of it, she was saying "that actually looks pretty good".

I enjoyed the Lego Star Wars game, but haven't bothered with the Batman or Indy games. But this one may be one to check out.


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been considering this on the wii, what is the difference in gameplay between that and on the PS3?

I have played the lego series only on PS3, but considering trying on the WII instead? Is it worth changing or keep to PS3 if I have the choice?



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Has anyone found out if the wii version also has the room bug that stops gameplay? I have seen that it's on the PS3 version?

Kinda think that is going to be the deciding factor whether to buy the game or not

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