Legit O2 unlock whilst in use

Calzor Suzay

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I have a 3GS which I updated to 5.0.1 jailbroken last night, it was originally bought on a PAYG O2 deal and I unlocked and moved over to Orange, every time I upgrade OS I have to go through the pain of getting a hacktivated ipsw file or unlock then ultrasnow etc.

I have the original O2 sim which I have to use in itunes sometimes to activate the phone but how easy is it to unlock via their website and still use on Orange, I know I probably need the original sim in it but can I make then request then a week later pop the O2 sim in, let it unlock then swop it back?


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Yeah its fine, I done the same with my 3GS (Sold as unlocked a while back)

Just connect the phone to Itunes once you get the text message to confirm the unlock.


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Sorry to hijack, but if you have an unlocked (by O2 or any other carrier) it is not permanently unlocked?
My missus has a 3gs which has been unlocked by O2, she will be upgrading to a 4s and I was gonna take the 3gs off her hands and jailbreak it.
It is currently on 4.3.3.
If I upgrade it to 5.0.1 it will be locked again?

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