Left tripod in field, bought new tripod, took a photograph


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Dur!!! I was out a couple of weeks ago taking pics down by a river. Had my bag and tripod with me. I put the tripod down on the ground and carried on taking pics with my bag over my shoulder. Finished with the pics and wandered back to the car forgetting completely about the tripod. Doh!! Aggghhh!!

I didn't realise for about 5 days when I went to put my bag in the boot again and couldn't find my tripod. I went back to look for it but it was gone. Someone has my nice Giottos carbon fibre tripod with Novoflex ball head :mad:.

So...went to get a new one today. I cant stand buying tripods over the internet as I need to touch & feel them, check the size, weight etc. The Giottos one I lost was very nice but a tad heavy and long despite being carbon fibre, but it was really really solid. I was after something similar.

I went down to Speedgraphic near Alton who are a major mail order & internet place, but accept personal callers. I ended up with about 10 tripods out of their boxes all over the floor. It ended up as a choice between the popular aluminium Manfrotto 190XPROB - cheap & cheerful at £95, a carbon Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 at £225 or a carbon Velbon CF-645 in the middle at £165, all without heads. I still had an old ball head at home to fit.

I discounted the 190XCPRO4 - too spindly with the legs fully extended, despite the price. I was really happy with the ability of my old Giottos to stay steady even in the gale force winds of Skye, so I wanted something decently chunky.

The 190XPROB was looking good price wise, and has a tilting centre column unlike the Velbon CF-645, but is longer, heavier, and the legs dont feed as stable.

So in the end, I went for the Velbon CF-645 on the basis that it was lightest, most solid, shortest when packed up, but with the downside of no tilting centre column. Seeing as I'd only used the tilting centre column on my Giottos once, I was OK to give it up. The Velbon is about half the weight of my Giottos - really light, but fat solid legs make it really stable.

Anyway, I used it to add this shot to my square mono long exposure set...


94 sec | f/16 | ISO250 to avoid a 3-min exposure| 102mm on 24-105 | ND110

V.satisfied with the Velbon tripod - recommended if you're looking for one. Apparently it won "best in test" in some photo mag recently if that makes any difference.




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From the thread title I was expecting something like "left tripod in field, bought new tripod, took a photo and when I got home noticed my old tripod in the background".

Sorry to hear that you didn't manage to find your old tripod but the photo is great if that's any consolation, what is it of though? I'm guessing rocks and water but what is the man made cog like structure?


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I nearly did the same last week when I was in the woods. Took my camera off the tripod, carried on walking around getting distracted by one thing and another and ended up 500 yards away from where I put the tripod down :rolleyes: I also have a Giottos which i am pleased with and I even used the centre column thing for my recent shots, very useful indeed I thought.

I like the picture, it has a nice soft feel to it.




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Tobers, I bought the Velbon CF-645 about 6 months ago for the same reasons that you outlined and I am also extremely pleased with it.


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For Sale - one tripod (found it in a field - don't know much about them...it's a bit heavy, but I reckon it's a reasonably good one).

Open to offers.


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Um....found "lost" tripod in my garage :blush: :oops:.

Anyone want a slightly used Giottos MT8160 carbon fibre tripod?


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Hi Tobers, how much are do you have in mind?.

Actually, i think il just leave it, wait until im paid.


:rotfl: Now that made me laugh.

The truth is though,you fancied a new tripod so told the Mrs that you left your old one in a field.To authenticate the story you start this thread so she buys it.Then when the dust settles you accidently come across your old tripod:devil:

Great story mate....I might wander over to the classifieds as im in the market for a new tripod.

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