Left shift using VGA cable on Samsung le26r41bd


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Apologies for another VGA thread but i couldn't find an answer on here.
My MS VGA is outputting 1260x720 to my sammy but has a 15mm shift over to the left.

I have tried using the TV settings to move the screen back over but still can't get rid of the last 15mm of annoying blackness.

Anyone got any ideas, or does this happen to anyone else?


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I would hazard a guess with it having something to do with the fact the TV has a native res of 1368*768 - try using a higher res from the xbox.


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Hi Simonav,

I thought about that straight after I posted, I had it on 1280x720 to try and keep it as close to the output res of the 360.
I'll guess i'll try it when i get home, cheers
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