Left or Right?

Do you use your left or right thumb for the d-pad?

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Out of curiousity, after reading bearmans post about stopping when hitting the d-pad, i wondered who uses their left thumb and who uses their right to call in rewards or toobs?

If it sounds pointless, please feel free to delete! :thumbsup:


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I always run and hide in a dark corner so i have the time to press it with my left :thumbsup:
Hmm early on in the game when it was all UAV's and that I think I would quickly use my left.

Now it's better kill streaks and you have to hide away to use most of them I would say I probably use my right thumb after finding somewhere suitable and lying down in a dark corner of the map.

The Bass

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I use left so that I can lie down with the right using the Tactical button set up.


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I'm intrigued!

I didn't think there would be so few "righties"!

If i'm sprinting and have a UAV i prefer to lean over with the right to call it in. Same with a toob. Guess i've just gotten used to it even when "tactically hidden"! :thumbsup:

DR Kronenbourg

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oh you may mock , but everyone knows it takes less time to press it with your left thumb than your right.... who's laughing now then :rotfl:..... just me it seems :rolleyes:

:rotfl: haha i was going to put exactly what you said! earlier, it goes without saying left side left hand but i though nah someone will just mock me for it so i held my tongue:rotfl::rotfl::smashin:

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