Question Left channel struggling - Cambridge Audio azur 540R


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I've just noticed my left channel is playing up on my 540R that I've been using for a few years now. I've tried all my speakers and changed the wire and the result is the same each time. I'm getting a distorted muffled sound, almost like it's underwater. There's almost no high end to speak of and it's really struggling with the bass.
Plugging my reference headphones in revealed exactly the same problem on the left, which is annoying as I was hoping it could be a quick fix to remove some dust or resolder something on the output.
I've rigged the left speaker through the surround for now in the hopes that I could fake some kind of stereo image for music at least. It's wayyyy less than ideal.
Has anyone encountered any similar issues? If so, what's the fix?


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Have you got any budget for a replacement?


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Common problem with those 540R AV Receivers in the volume /input IC....very hard to find and needs micro soldering techniques to fit

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