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Hi, I am on the road to tweaking system with EQ. I bought a DEQ2496 to talk to my BK Monolith. Could I ask a question. Over a 10m cable run from DEQ to sub, is it better to either: -

- Use left channel only from DEQ XLR to BK XLR mono input
(Low noise profile and simple cable, but worried about missing bass info, like a bass guitar on one side)

- Use 2 unbalanced XLR to RCA cables from DEQ to BK stereo RCA input
(Full info on soundstage, but more noise and complex more expensive cables)

Could do with your help, so please pass on comments.


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Do any of you guys use one channel only to feed your sub, and is there chance that you might miss bass info by this method?


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If you use a decent quality screened cable, you won't have any problems sending a signal over 10m. Look at the Mark Grant cables in the forum powerbuys.

If it's a stereo source, then you need to send a stereo signal or you will be lacking the bass content of any instrument on that side of the soundstage. Unles the DEQ2496 has the ability to sum both channels, then you will need two cables.



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Thanks Russ, reassuring stuff.

I am about to take the fork in the road and get a couple of unbalanced XLR-RCA cables.

The DEQ doesn't sum channels, although it's sister model, the DCX2496, does. I am looking forward to getting the DEQ2496 up and running because an ECM8000 can be plugged straight in, and it has room real time analysis.

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