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Hi all,

I have a Denon 4311 receiver connected to Monitor Audio RX speakers with a bizzare problem. Every once in a while, the left speaker goes silent. When this happened for the first time, I thought the amp for the left channel has died, so I tried connecting my left speaker to another output which plays left channel (left height, bi-amp etc) to no avail.

Later, I connected a pair of headphones and discovered the left channel on headphones is also silent, which means the amp is fine and there's something wrong before the amplyfing stage.

The method of reviving the left channel is to plug in headphones and play some loud / bass heavy music - tone generator also works well. Then, I start cranking up the volume and at around -5dB the left channel starts working along with crackling, so I wait for the crackling to settle down and voila, the left channel works again. Then, I unplug the headphones and the left speaker works again.
The same method also works without the use of headphones, but in this case it obviously gets ear bleedingly loud and i'm afraid of damaging the speakers.

Did anyone else experience something like this and knows what's wrong? With my limited knowledge of electronics i suppose there must be a IC somewhere with a badly soldered/loose pin assigned to left channel and when i crank the volume up the voltage/current also goes up and makes a contact?


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My Denon 4810ci exhibits a similar issue after I use bananas plugs with 18 gauge cables (carefully connected, even checking with multi-meter to make sure the connection). Funny enough, replacing the cables/bananas plug with...normal, old electric extension wires, screw-tightened to receiver/speakers posts seems fixing the issue :)))). I guess something wrong with the contacts which may increase overall the resistance (checking again with multi-meter but the resistance just 0.3ohm up). As result, left channel may not detect the speaker at initial (note that at -35db volume, the output voltage may be very little). When you crank up the volume, output voltage increases, then it may detect the left speaker (but cannot explain why the right's still working).
Other friends here have similar problem: Low volume in R surround speaker -- Denon receiver problem?. Just FYI.
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