Left and right swapped?


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Im experiencing swapped sound coming from my front left/right speakers while watching Blu-rays. Normal TV is fine, and my speaker cables are connected to the correct terminals!

My Blu-ray player is connected to the TV via HDMI, and then I have an optical cable from my TV into my Sony cinema system. (I dont have an AV receiver)

Its really annoying that sound from left to right on Blu-rays, is heard as right to left and really confusing too!

Any ideas please?



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Does it sound right when you listen using the TV speakers? Can you not connect optical from the bluray player to the cinema system direct? Have you tried this? Does it sound the right way around like that? Not all TVs can passthrough 5.1 from a HDMI input to the optical output so you may only be getting stereo sound going into the cinema system via the optical cable from the TV.


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Hi, thanks,

I can connect the optical to the Blu-ray direct, but then I dont get surround sound when watching normal TV.

The TV speakers are ok.

Its weird? Im looking at getting an AV receiver to try and help, as my current cinema system is an all-in-one Sony DVD system, and im sure its not the best option to get quality sound from blu-rays on my Pany Plasma.

Any ideas on a good receiver/Speakers? (£250)


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£25o is not much but the Onyko 3405 or Onkyo 196 would be some options to look at. You may even be able to squeeze in the Yamaha 371 and Yamaha NSP 40 speaker set.

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