Lee filter kit ordered - thanks to onefivenine


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Hi all :hiya:

I've been deliberating about buying a filter holder system for a while, then last week my instructor (I'm back doing another C&G module - Landscapes) brought along his Lee system to the evening class. We were out shooting sunsets and it was fantastic to see what can be done in-camera using simple ND grads. IMO, far more fun that AEB'ing the shots then back to CS3/Photomatix to make the image...:cool:

So anyway, I've ordered the following:
Digital starter set (filter holder, 0.6ND hard grad, 0.6ND pro glass, cloth + pouch)
77mm wide adapter ring
0.9ND soft grad
0.9ND hard grad
Big white plastic lens cap thingy (for when I get a circ polariser) + some cleaning solution

Should be arriving today, so can't wait to take it for a play this weekend :D

Oh, and a big :smashin: to onefivenine who gave me a lot of advice on what filters were worth having.



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Thanks Grant, happy to help :)

You'll love the Lee's, they are an absolute pleasure to work with. It is an expensive initial outlay, but once you've got your main filters it won't hurt as much to add to them. (Except for maybe that 105mm C-PL :eek:).

I agree, for me personally, it feels a lot more rewarding to create an exposure in camera using filters rather than HDR/blending layers and all that pallava.

I ordered the Lee book "Inspiring Professionals" which hopefully will arrive today. Will let you know what I think of it. I suspect it's going to make me want to spend more money on Lee grads! ;) :rolleyes:



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@159: Yes please do let us know what the Lee Book is like. Have thought about ordering this myself, but have stopped myself since I haven't opened a couple of books that I purchased a month or so ago.

Too many books and not enough time to read them! Maybe I should spend less time posting on forums to get some time back! :)

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