LED's, Plasmas and so on


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Posted about this before but wanted to clear a few things up for myself.

For Gaming/Blu Rays mainly with whats in the market Plasma or LED
Wait around for OLED?

If you could post why what you've suggested is superior over the other that'd be great.

Thank You! :thumbsup:
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My best suggestion is
- If you are short on budget and you want your TV asap : Go with the best 3D TVs out there (I recommend Panny or LG)
- OR, Get OLED tv.

I am dying here waiting for the OLED to come out because I'm planning to get them as soon as it's out for public. I know people say if we wait 3 more years or so the price will go down, but that's like the worst thing that you can say to an early adapter. Get the OLED one. The one I'm waiting is from LG and it will be out in UK around September or so. Be my friend, be my friend.


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Id go plasma for gaming, yes there's IR but lag is lower and motion better.
Again plasma for bluray, motion is better, colours are better out the box, better uniform blacks, no viewing angle restrictions to the side and you simply get better PQ pound for pound.

Only real pros to LCD IMO is they handle very bright rooms far better and they don't have IR (though burn is technically possible).

OLED is going to be expensive and has issues like any the TV tech. Too many problems likely with the first wave of OLED, I'm likely to buy another plasma next year then maybe go OLED in another 3-4 years.

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