Led vs other backlighting for LCD


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I have been reading a lot about backlighting for lcds and claims led seems to solve the majoirty of evils - blur, grey illuminence in the dark etc. It sounds in theory to be the better until SED or OLED comes out (if they can sort out the lifespan of the latter). Has anyone seen practical examples and compared both?

And what happened to the ASV Premium LCD Sharp tv with the mega contrast or 100,000:1, news on such has been quiet for some tome.

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The Sony V series uses S-PVA with CCFL backlighting to increase red and green gamut. The LED backlight is the key but the display has to be calibrated for maximum performance.

I am also waiting for OLED but the blue pixel still has 10,000 as where the red and green have 150,000. So its gonna be awhile until someone develops blue pixel that has more then 30,000hours.

Also, 100,000:1 isn’t needed for maximum performance and there would always be contrast loss.

PS: Higher contrast doesn’t mean wider range of colors. Also, CRTs have lower contrast ratio then LCD or PDP.

If you want more info, you better read this lol

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