LED TV strip lights random on and off with Sony Bravia TV


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I bought some LED TV strip lights yesterday and installed them today:

Amazon product
Whilst they look amazing, I am having issues with the lights randomly turning on and off. From testing the seemingly random on and offs I have currently come up with the following:

1) When my phone is on, the lights work fine.

2) When I lock my phone (screen of phone is off), the LED lights will stay on for about 50 seconds before turning off. The lights will remain off until the screen of my phone turns on (I.e. I can just click a button on my phone to see the time (and not even unlock the phone) and the LED lights will come back on) - This is a very strange phenomenon, suggesting that the LED lights is syncing to my phones status (screen off or on?)

3) I have a computer also in the same room. When I am playing games on the computer it send the LED lights into chaos. It will turn the lights on and off sporadically, whether the TV is on or off itself.

4) When the TV was off and I went to Microwave something, also in the same room, the LED lights randomly turned on again.

5) When my computer is on but not playing games, and the LED lights are on, they are on and then off intermittently

6) When everything is off and my TV is ON, the LED lights behave and stay off

7) My TV is Sony Bravia XH90 - updated to firmware v6.1288. There are many known issues with this update (see my other thread on the Nintendo Switch), a lot of people are affected with connection issues. I am wondering if this could be the cause.

These are my observations so far in the last few hours. What conclusions can you experts draw from this? My rudimentary conclusion is that the LED lights' behaviour is dependent on the external environment (i.e any other interferences in the room). Why does this happen and is there a fix?

Looking at the Amazon reviews, most people do not have this issue. A few people in the comments do. I am trying to determine whether it is a TV issue or the lights.

However looking at the descriptions of the product on Amazon, they did put the caveat:

"3. Turn On / Off Randomly?

  • Why happened? : USB LED Backlight for TV is powered by 5V USB port, can be turned on/off synchronously with most TV models; Few televisions will sense the current of USB port even when tv off, which will cause tv turns on/off randomly
  • How to Fix? : Please use the strip light through a power adapter if in that case"

Which leads me to believe this is a more common issue that just one or two people. The how to fix and reason why don't really help either.

Hoping someone can help.

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I have found the issue, apparently this is a long standing issue with Bravia TVs:

The two solution mentioned in the article:

1) Use external power and program our remote into your smart remote or hub.
I cannot do this easily, my TV is mounted and cables chase through the wall. The guy who chased it did only a single gang and the cables very tight in the hole. I'd have to get someone in to turn it into double gang and pull through another cable to get power.

2) Or power your MediaLight from the TV, change the RS232C control mode to"serial," and turn the lights off with the MediaLight remote or a smart hub or universal remote

I tried this but my TV doesn't seem to have RS232C Serial, it only have off and HDMI. I tried turning it off and it still doesn't work. Where can I access serial?

There are posts on reddit regarding this issue for Bravia TVs dating back to 2018.

I am guessing that because this is 3 years old and hasn't been corrected by now it isn't at the top of Sony's list to address, which is a complete shame.

The latest update of 6.1288 does seem to have connection issues with the ports however and I am crossing my fingers and toes that this issue may be corrected along with those in the next update.

Otherwise, I know now that my next TV definitely will not be Sony.

It's a shame that before buying a TV you don't get to see all of these issues. Had I known bias lighting will not work with Bravia I would have gone with something else.
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