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Question LED strip lights kill my Internet - help please


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Hi All,

I purchased a 10 metre LED strip light kit from a well known company that posts on here. The kit is great - love the lights.

The lights are installed in our conservatory, at the opposite corner of the house to the network/phone equipment. The network equipment runs from a UPS.

Unfortunately, I've recently been getting intermittent problems with my ADSL2+ internet connection. It keeps going very slow (14mbps down to 0.5mbps) and dropping connections. After much discussion with my ISP and swapping out the router/modem, phone cable, micro-filter etc, using ferrite cores and plugging directly in to the master socket we've finally tracked it down to the new LED strip lights.

Below you can see a plot from routerstats that clearly shows a correlation between the lights being on and noise margin plummeting. At other times the noise is totally flat (for weeks on end if the lights aren't used).


The supplier has been communicative and friendly, but has not come across this issue before and isn't sure what to suggest.

I've no idea if it is the PSU, RGB driver or the LED lights themselves that are causing the issue. I've also no idea if it is due to a fault with one (or more) of these or some issue relating to my installation.

Can anyone offer any suggestions (other than leaving them off!) to help sort this issue? I'd be most grateful.


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@Showoff didnt you have a similar problem to this and your PS4 headset?
I thought the lights or rather the wifi controller may of had something to do with my issues. But I had the wireless headset problem whether the lights were on or not. (The controllers are always powered).

I'm still not sure if the light controllers were responsible or not, but a simple USB hub into my PS4 and the headset dongle into that solved my issue.

I've not noticed any internet issues and I have 5 X 5m of lights, 3 controllers, 2 PSUs and 2 amps!

Is your issue with your cabled Internet or wifi?

Sorry I can't help. :(
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The lights are 10 metres and connect to a infra-red controller so I can use my Harmony remote.

My internet is both via cable and WiFi (2.4 and 5ghz). Both are working fine, without any degradation.

It seems that the lights are sending out RFI in the upper frequency bands which murder my noise margin and correspondingly my internet throughput. This is measured directly from the router via a wired connection.

Interestingly, when the lights are on it takes 10-15 minutes for the interference to become great enough to see the margin decrease. When switched off it all recovers immediately.

Last night I replaced the RJ11 cable between BT faceplate and modem with a much shorter one. I also wrapped it a couple of times through a ferrite core. Initial testing seems to indicate that the loss of margin has been much reduced and may well be acceptable. I'll need to test more over the weekend.

Much appreciate the replies so far.


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That is really weird? Sorry I have no idea how they can effect your internet. I also missed off that I have 5 X 5m so 25m in total, but again I've not noticed an issue?


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I've done some more testing with my new screened RJ11 cable, wrapped in ferrite cores and it has made no difference at all! :(

If you look at the bottom of the three graphs in the capture below, it shows the improvement of signal in the higher frequencies once the lights are switched off. The more ‘green’ the more the improvement. You can clearly see the interference the lights are spitting out.


If you look at this graph, you’ll see the increasingly strong degradation and then recovery once the lights are switched off.


I've run out of things I can try, except for not using the lights. :(



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I'd argue it's either the high frequency switching of the PSU or the LED driver.

If it were me, I'd try changing the PSU first, as that is closest (electrically speaking) to the internet and it should contain filtering components to limit EMI going into the supply.

Out of interest, is the problem in anyway related to the intensity of the lights? IE if you have them barely on, does it still cause problems, and if so, is it within the same time frame?


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If you're using a cheap Chinese power supply, definitely try swapping that first. I'd recommend Mean Well, but beware there are lots of fakes out there.

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