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General question, I'm thinking of lamp hour costs and the degrading effect over time it has on the image with lamp based home theatre projectors. I use mine for movies, games and sports.
Does anyone have any experience with LED projectors? What are they like comparable to LED and DLP? Are they suitable for my purposes?


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They are still very early generation, with limited lumens output. Colour balance is also an issue, at least with the Casio based units.

I would wait for a few generations until the technology is a bit more mature.

Lamps are good for at least 500 hours, hopefully a lot more, so at £350 a lamp (A rough average) its less than £1 per hour to run them.

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There have been several posts on this if you do a search, but current state of the technology is that it's still much cheaper to go for a normal lamp and change it as required.

Don't forget that even if you watch one movie every evening, say 2 hours, that's still only around 750 hours per year, so you'll only be changing the lamp every couple of years.

I suspect most people don't get to their third lamp before up-grading!
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