Lecson DVD-1000 problems

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    I bought a Lecson DVD1000 from Debenhms just over 2 yrs ago: this was the first budget player with progressive scan and cost about £200. On the whole, I was very pleased with it. However, the firt machine I had gradually became more and more unreliable after about a year of use. It would take a couple of minutes to recognose a disc, and increasingly many disks failed to be recognised at all, with a message "No disc" displayed after the seek process.

    I took the machine back to Debenhams who replaced it without issue, but would not say whether they had had a similar problem with this machine.

    However, this problem has recurred with the new machine, just after the extended warranty has expired of course. I'm going to write to Debenhams anyway, of course, but I'd like to know if I'm the only one to have had 2 duff machines?

    Of course, I can't be without a DVD and since it's a Sunday with 2 kids in tow I popped down to Woolies to pick up a super cheapy to tide me over until I can get back up to speed with what's available.

    For under £40 I piked up a "Maxim" which turned out to be region free out of the box, handles progressive scan, has remarkably good picture quality and beats the Lecson on about every count! I can't believe how things have changed in 2 years! I'm sufficiently happy with it that I'llpostpone my purchasing until DVD recorders get a bit more affordable.

    Incidentally, when I took the Lecson apart to see if there were any obvious fixes I could do (i.e. clean the lens on the drive) it's clear that the drive unit is pretty standard looking PC unit, with a standard PSU connector and IDE ribbon cable. It even had master/slave jumpers and sockets for analoge audio out (not used). I tried plugging in a spare DVD drive I had kicking around onto the Lecson chassis to see if it would work, and it sort of did, but the region codes didn't match, and I figured it was easier to go get a new one from Woolies. When I have some more time on my hands I may try plugging the drive from the lecson into my computer to see whether the problem is likely to be in the drive or the main chassis. I can see that this is one of the projects which may never happen, however.

    - Andrew

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