lecson 1000 ?



i spoke to some one at debenhams about returning my lecson dvd because it wont progressive scan.
he told me the disks have to have progressive scan on them to do this ? urhhh is he talking bull ****e to fob me off?
can some explain this to me so when i go in there i can tell him ?
He is talking absoulute rubbish,these players simply show the picture as a progressive image insted of interlaced whatever disc you put in it,its the way the dvd player displays the DVD not the way the dvd is encoded.
I had this model purely because it was progressive scan, it did work but very poorly, It had a bad Horizontal streaking problem on bright objects, for this reason myself and many other forum members returned it for a full refund. I cannot believe they are still selling this crap dvd player.
I then bought a Toshiba sd-510 which offers excellent progressive scan, but only on region 1 discs.
You should not have a problem as many people have returned this player.

P.S. That guy at Debenhams is talking total crap. Phone the helpline and ask to talk to a Technical person, I did this, he then told me to take it back to the shop for a refund.
cheers guys i will take it back this weekend the £200 will go towards the 962sa i orderd, hivizone`s last one they told me
good for you mate. Took my Lecson back after one day..:D how crap was that..
As for the sales rep..make sure you embarrass him, cos if he doesn;t know he shouldn;t say anything...
To be fair Museumsteve. Would you do that job for the money.....

I used to have one of these players and returned it. When returning the player I took the time to explain the problem to Debenhams. The salesrep was very interested.

Luckily they had a Sony plasma screen on display, so we hooked it up. And yes I had to explain to him to use the component inputs as he used the composite!!! But then he understood and couldn't believe the poor picture. He asked me whether I was in a hurry as he wanted my assistance with some other players.
Anyway we tried out five more and all had the same problem.

I don't know whether it was in his power to do anything, but he couldn't believe that they were selling these faulty machines.

What I can't believe is that a magazine like What HiFi is giving this machine 5 starts. What Hifi has really lost all respect for me.



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