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I puchased a Lec T5039B fridge freezer from Boot's KA, it arrived yesterday, i allowed it to stand for 4 hours, plugged it in and very shortly condensation built up on the back wall inside the fridge compartment.
Know as i understand it, this is a sign of a fault in the door seal, Boot's have contacted Lec regarding an engineer coming to look at the fridge, according to Boot's Lec have replied by stating that condensation on the inside back wall of the fridge is normal for this type of appliance.
The previous Lec appliance ( a fridge with an ice box ) never had a drop of condensation in it, this Lec T5039B fridge freezer permanently has large droplets of condensation on the back wall, it makes no sense to me that this is normal, since it's a handicap if any item in the fridge makes contact with the back wall, thus becoming wet.

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Yes it does. When the compressor runs you will get frost form on the back wall, this is what cools the fridge. When the fridge gets down to temperature the thermostat turns the compressor off. As the temperature starts to rise the frost melts turning into the water droplets that you are describing. This is an ongoing cycle and is how the fridge works


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thank you very much for clearing that up, hmmm i wonder if the quantity of condensation is unusual, its there permanently, are larder fridges different to fridges that have an ice box at the top, the reason i ask is i had a lec with an ice box, it never had any condensation ever, i thought that was a larder fridge ?.


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sorry to contradict your answer above but the link i gave says this

"Auto Defrost Refrigerator No"

so the fridge section according to that link doesn't have auto defrost ?


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im only trying to find out whats the real situation with this fridge, you said the condensation was due to auto defrost
im just raising the issue that the specs on the above sight say it doesnt have an auto defrost
please dont get resentful and personal
i appreciate your trying to help


In your first post you said you only had the fridge for a day.

This is not really enough time to make judgement on how a fridge will behave.
There is bound to be considerably more condensation at first commissioning than may be expected when it has had time to balance out.

It will be affected by other variables too such as atmospheric conditions and other ambient conditions.

Try paper towelling it out to reduce the moisture level inside.

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