Leather safety


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A question to anyone who knows about leather.
I've purchased, from etsy, a Russian seller, a leather face mask.
I'd intended to use it over a standard cloth mask, covid - you get it.
It looks like a character from a computer game.
However, i'm having second thoughts regarding safety.
I know the leather is chrome tanned.
Chromium is an irritant, it reacts to some peoples skin, causes problems. Its also a carcinogen.
This I'm aware of, but what about the safety of wearing chrome tanned leather over your face?
Is the chromium removed during the manufacturing of the leather? Are there trace amounts present that I should be cautious of?


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Sure it'll look lovely :D


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Much as I like the gimp look, mine is less, err, sexually deviant!
I wonder if there's any incidence of bdsm casualties, other than those inflicted by over zealous foreplay!
I've asked the seller. They have established its tanning process is chrome tanning, but they don't know the implications of wearing over your face.


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