Learning To Play ... Gear Owned & Photos (no comments please)


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This is my acoustic my mum bought me for my 21st birthday some 24 years ago:eek: Absolutely dog to play, going to try get it set up soon. 1452100793581.jpg

This is my Epiphone Les Paul I'm hoping to master sometime soon and be a Rocksmith rock god:D.1452100928179.jpg

And my amp bought very recently. ( Now sold on )

My newest addition Variax JTV69S
Bought from GAK September 2016.


My latest Addition
Firehawk Fx - bought off the bay £230. January 2017.

( Now sold on )

Bought from GAK April 2017
Helix LT. ( Now sold on )


Bought second hand August ish 2017

Boss Katana 100 bought at Reidys Music Blackburn. May 2018.


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This was my first guitar,a Slash Les Paul Special II AFD, came as a full kit with amp , and assorted accessories.

Then a little while ago, I started to look at teles, was going to buy a MIM but decided on the Squier CV50. Changed the pickguard from black to a 3 ply white.Thinking of going pearlescent white.

Recently got my Xmas bonus and fancied another Les Paul, so bought this 2003 Epiphone LP Standard, with Gibson electrics and pups.

Amp is an Orange Crush 20RT

Also have a Line6 Firehawk FX

Now all I need is to be able to play a tune:rotfl:
Edit:The 03 LP has gone back to seller.When it turned up it had terrible fret buzz that I couldnt get rid of (my skills are non existant). Anyway, the bloke took it back, had it a few days and assured me all was sorted.It seemed even worse.
To his credit, he didnt argue, in fact he offered the refund which I accepted.
So I am on the prowl now with some cash burning a hole in my pocket.
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Thegezman - Part 1

Valencia Classical/Spanish Guitar
- Purchased 2000? for $150 AUD - Sold 2016 $60
This is where it all started briefly for me.
The guitar spent about a decade not being used at all at my parents house. I had no idea how to tune it and pretty well gave up.
I bought it home on day about 4 years ago and started to try and learn a few things through Justinguitar.

Ibanez Gio - GAX30
Bought for $220 in 2012? and sold Feb 2016 for $180
Justin mentioned this along with a Yamaha Pacifica as good places to start and recommended people begin to learn on an electric. One came up on Gummtree and I jumped at it.
It seemed like a well set up cheaper level guitar but for some reason never really connected with me.

20151226_144014.jpg 20151226_144143.jpg 20151226_144257.jpg

VOX AC30 Amplug
- Bought for $30 2012?, currently for sale for $30
Used this for my early practice, found the aux input pretty cool but never really progressed.

Magnum Steel String - midnight blue with cutaway
- Bought for $120 early 2013, sold for $150 late 2014
Decided I wanted a steel string acoustic as I wasn't using the electric and was finding the wide neck of the classical difficult for my small hands. This was probably bought on by trying to learn an open G cord. Really only had A, Am, E, Em and D down at this point.
I restrung the guitar but it was suffering some fret/string buzz up in the first few frets.
Not knowing any better I assumed the guitar was a dud.

Yamaha FG730S
- Bought for $175 with Kyser Capo late 2014. Sold March 2016 for $350 (after an $100 service).
The glowing reviews of the guitar made it a very easy buy, It really was lovely and I would recommend it to anyone. It's always felt almost too good for me to play and I found the full size dreadnought a bit uncomfortable to play. The tone was to die for though.

20160319_163325.jpg 20160319_163733.jpg 20160319_163537.jpg 20160319_163505.jpg

It was around this time i discovered Yousician (formerly guitar bots) and was really starting to put in some regular time playing/practicing. Still not much in the scheme of things but far more than I ever had to that point. GAS and my Gumtree addiction had started.

This post is a work in progress and I'll update it over the next little while to have a similar format to everyone else.

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Part 2

Rather than bore everyone with cheap guitars that i've flipped i'll just show the semi decent ones and ones I actually used for a while.

Cort SFX1NS - Blue
After realizing the full size dreadnought was not best suited to me I came across this.
a rounded back yet slim acoustic with fishman pickups. Bought off some little rich kid (dad's red Ferrari in the driveway) for $80 it's been my acoustic player ever since. Love this little guitar and given how much it cost I'm not too worried about it getting dinged up.

Yamaha FS720S
- At $150 with a hard case and snark tuner this guitar bought itself in early 2015
It's currently at my parents house (hence the limited photos) as I had more guitars than I could play but I plan on making it one of my two acoustics that I play along with my Cort.
I figure I need at least 2 electrics and 2 acoustics at any given time in case have anyone over who wants to jam. This also plays well but I plan to restring it with some Martin Marquis when I get it back. It's smaller folk style suits my body size and will be perfect for finger picking.
20160104_184817.jpg 20160104_184926.jpg


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Updated this thread Jan 2019:

Sold off some gear last year, the idea was to reduce the quantity and focus on quality (and then hopefully focus on just playing better...). Ignoring a couple of items that I plan to sell this year, this is my current collection of guitars and amps:

1982 Squier Stratocaster, one of the early 'JV' series just after they stopped putting 'Fender' on the headstock in large font. Bought for my 17th birthday and I had it refinished about 2 years ago now to put it back to standard:

Strat 1.jpg

1990 (ish) Epiphone Les Paul Standard bought for my 30th birthday in 1995 as I'd always wanted a Les Paul, but couldn't afford a Gibson one. Still looks almost like new, though I've replaced the pots, switch and wiring due to crackles, plus the bridge as the old one 'sagged'. I had a tech fit a Tusq nut too:

Front view.jpg

Fast forward another 10 years or so and I got back into playing more regularly at a college evening class. This kicked of GAS big time and most of my purchases have happened in the last 3 years:

A barely used 6 month old Fender 50s Classic Telecaster in the optional nitro lacquer finish which comes with a nice tweed hard case. Bought for half new price and it plays beautifully:

Tele garden 1.jpg

I finally bought a Gibson in time for my 50th birthday, but I got it on line and found I couldn't get on with the wide fretboard and thick neck. I sold it privately and found a 60s Tribute locally with my prefered slim taper neck, so this is a slightly delayed 50th birthday guitar:

GT 1.jpg

I wanted a 'Hot Rod' Telecaster, but after I tried the 'official' Fender one found I didn't like the neck and frets, so I bought another used 50s Classic and modified that instead:

Full view.jpg

I had planned to wait until my 60th to get some kind of semi-acoustic, but watching prices rise due to the exchange rate, etc I got itchy feet. Decided to try Gretsch and bought this last week:

Gretsch 001.jpg

I bought a bass from a friend as my old one had a badly bent neck after being left in the loft for years. I changed the pickguard for a B/W/B one which really seemed to change it.

P Bass blackguard.jpg


I still have my 1980s transistor 'Custom sound' 25 watt combo in my loft, but no photos. Main amps are my Marshall Mini Jubilee head and matching cab with V30s in it. Also have a concealed 2x12 cab behind my projector screen, loaded with Celestion Greenbacks.

Mini Jubliee close up.jpg
2x12 installed.jpg

Last year I finally got a Black Faced Fender amp. I sold my other guitar heads, plus some pedals to get this handwired '64 Custom model. It sounds gorgeous and close enough (from memory) to a Twin I once played my Strat through in the 1980s.

Powered up.jpg

That's it. I plan to sell off the last few unused pedals/board and maybe the White Tele above as I rarely play it now. Depends how quick I get round to converting my garage into a music room (which involves restoring the car still in there, so don't hold your breath :) ).
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As requested here is my gear


Charvel Model 4

Bought secondhand from Coda Stevenage in 87. All original in Black Cherry finish with Jackson branded pickups and a Kahler Standard Bridge.

Charvel Model 5A

Bought secondhand from Rokas in Denmark Street London in 1990. It has the original JT-6 Floyd Rose alike bridge and now has a Seymour Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom pickup. The sustain on this thing is insane. The colour was Pearl White but has quite yellowed over time.

Tokai Love Rock

Bought as semi new as ex-display stock via Ebay. Made in Japan, it's as good as any Gibson equivalent I have ever tried. Largely brought on by finding my musical tastes were now considered Classic Rock!

Ibanez RG1550 Prestige

Bought secondhand via Ebay. Was stock when I got it but now has DiMarzio PAF Pro in the neck and bridge and an FS1 in the middle. I thought the Charvels had thin necks, but this is like a school ruler.

Tokai Goldstar

Bought as secondhand via Coda Luton online. The Classic Rock leaning meant I also wanted a Strat, and having been blown away by the Love Rock, this was an option. This one dates back to '84 when some say the Tokai guitars were better than the originals.

FGN Neo Classic LS10 P90 AG

Bought new from Coda Stevenage in January 2020. Inspired by my growing fondness for everything Landreth and increased pedal usage, I wanted something with P90s. Great quality at a reasonable price.

Tokai Breezysound

My first ever purchase from Reverb in October 2020. My songwriting efforts during the lockdown and listening to more country rock got me searching for a T-style that suited the later and some punk pop. It also fits with my all Japanese collection.

Gone but not forgotten

Westone Thunder 1-A
Aria Pro II RS Knight Warrior
Hohner G3T-BK Steinberger copy
Celebrity (by Ovation) electro-acoustic


Laney Lionheart L5 Studio and LT 112 Cab

Bought new over the phone from GAK. Great service, and they even gave a small discount and offer beyond the online price.

I'm utterly loving the clean tone on this amp. The 5 watts is more than enough for even a large home use, and takes pedals perfectly. The drive channel is sufficient for classic rock.

Gone but not forgotten

Marshall Valvestate 8080


AMT FX S-Drive
AMT FX M-Drive
Boss CE-3 Chorus
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss HF-2 Hi Band Flanger
Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal
Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
Boss SD-1 SUPER Over Drive
Boss TW-1 T Wah
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
DOD American Metal
EHX Grand Canyon Delay & Looper
EHX Next Step Volume
EHX Oceans 12 Reverb
EHX Next Step Expression
EHX Silencer
Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini
Ibanez Analog Delay Mini
Ibanez Chorus Mini
Ibanez 850 Fuzz Mini
JHS PG-14 Overdrive/Distortion
KMA Machines Cirrus Spatial-Temporal Modifier
MXR Phase 90
Mythos High Road Mini Fuzz
RYRA The Klone
TC Electronic Flashback Delay
TC Electronic Ditto Looper
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor
TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive
TC Electronic polyTune2 mini
TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus
TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz
TC Electronic Choka Tremolo
TC Electronic Sub'N'Up Octaver
TC Electronic Rusty Fuzz
TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary Speaker Emulator
Walrus Audio Monument v2 Tremolo
Wampler Pinnacle
Wampler SLOstortion
4114 Custom Effects Flux Capacitor v2


Line 6 Pod 2.0
M-Audio M-Track Plus
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power2 Plus
MXR Iso-Brick
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I really need to contribute to this thread !!!

EDIT - list of my current gear (pics will follow but for now, see my avatar :))

- Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2015
- Fender USA Stratocaster (1995 ish)
- Line 6 Variax JTV59
- Ibanez JS 100
- Yamaha Acoustic (need to check the model no.)

No longer used / in my possession:
- Tanglewood Eddie Van Halen Music Man copy (gave it to my brother)
- Global Les Paul copy. My first ever electric guitar, piece of crap, up in the loft...however I got it signed by Steven Tyler and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, so keeping it !
- Cheap Spanish guitar, my first guitar, at my parent's (childhood home)

- Fender Deville 2x12
- Hughes & Kettner 100w Triamp (sold the cab!)

- Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah (x2....old one in the loft)
- Boss SD1 Super Over Drive
- Vox Time Machine delay
- MXR 90 Phaser
- Boss OC2 octave
- Boss GE7 EQ
- DOD DFX9 delay
- Boss Ps6 Harmonist
- Coloursound sola Tremelo
- Snark tuner
- Korg A5 multifx (in the loft)
- Jettenuator
- pedaltrain Pt3 pedal board
- Carl Martin Plexitone (2 channel version)

Other stuff:
- Shure SM58 mic for vocals
- TC Helicon vocal harmoniser for putting harmonies on my vocals when playing live
- TC Helicon Voicelive Play multifx pedal for vocals
- mic stand
- Roland VS1680 recording studio (great for demos)
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Part 3

Effects Pedals, Accessories & Bass:

Route 66 Overdrive & Compression

October 2011, Free offer with PRS SE Custom 24

Zoom R8, Multi-track Recorder

1310 ZoomR8-web.jpg

Zoom G2.1Nu Multi-Effects pedal

eBay £40, sold eBay £40

Line 6 'Backtrack+'

Dec 2012, free with Variax demo

DigiTech 'iStomp'

TC Electronics 'Dark Matter' pedal

TC Electronics Nova System multi-effects

July 2016, Richtone Music, 2nd-hand £210
Sold Nov 2016

ACLAM Pedal Board

Large size board, to include Bluguitar Amp1 on, £200 with Case and fixings

Boss NF-1 Noisegate and NS-2 Noise Suppressor

Kind donation from Hammerman who now uses an Axe FX

TC Electronics Flashback X4

Dec 2016, Guitar Guitar £210 (£195)

Wallmounts: 10

TC Electronics Polytune 2 Mini pedalboard tuner

March 2018, £88

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II pedalboard supply

March 2018, Guitar Guitar £175
1803 GGuitar1w950.jpg

Bass Guitars:

5) Vintage Wraith Metal Axe Bass
June 2012, £43 e-bay Kent
Another drive for an e-bay bargain. Active bass just to try and see if bass is fun in Rocksmith and play a few notes on recordings.
1209 vintage bass1a.jpg

7) Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar SS Bass
November 2012, £191 GAK Brighton
Really enjoy bass, and the Vintage although sounding great, is bit uncomfortable with it's fins and length! So thought a short-scale would be the answer. Passed to Barbara now
Sold Nov 2016

8) Peavey Millenium BXP4 Bass
November 2012, £99 offer (list £199) mail order Guitar Guitar.
Less than a week after buying the Jaguar, bargain half-price offer on full size Peaveys and beautiful Tiger Eye colour!

15) Yamaha Bass
October 2015, gift from bandmate
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editing old post was a bit of a mare ...so deleted and starting again...especially as I've had a (rare) gear cull..


epi dot.jpg Epiphone Dot...bought from Andrew on here..great all rounder semi acoustic without the Gibson price tag...got to be red

1tele.jpg Mexican tele..another bargain and another great guitar..bought second hand at 6 weeks old...just happened to be red

junior.jpg Gibson Les Paul Junior bought during the mad amazon xmas sale ..had a major headache trying to pick between the single cut and the double...should have bought both!...again thought the heritage red was the best colour. the dreaded robo tuners had to go

all.jpg all together now...haven't got a red fetish....honest ...just ended up that way


2bassbreaker.jpg Fender bassbreaker....really great sounding amp got this as a bargain and replaced my blackstar ID15tvp which i managed to shift on at only a slight loss

Blackstar fly.jpg Blackstar Fly 3 stereo pack...yet another Ebay bargain..still amazes me the dirty tones that can be had from this for 50 quid.


acoustics pic 2.jpg my crafter and Yamaha acoustics..this is where I started on an acoustic and still love just sitting there and strumming a few chords. crafter's currently up for sale as it just doesn't get used and I never really gelled with it.


digitech-trio-band-creator-_1_GIT0034337-000.jpg Trio band creator....just ordered this in a bargain xmas deal..time will tell if I get anything out of it.looking forward to trying it.

added some pedals......Joyo vintage over drive tube screamer clone...Joyo ultimate over drive OCD clone.. Joyo digital Delay..cheapy power supply that works fine with no hums...also got a ditto looper..great little pedal and straight forward to use...latest arrival is a honeypot fuzz pedal.

pedal board 1.jpg

Sold on:
my first Fender acoustic..a CD60..great guitar for a hundred quid and not a million miles away from my 500 quid Yamaha..build quality no where near..but it does sound great..redundant after getting the Yamaha so sold on.

crafter TE MH/BR...nice solid cutaway acoustic....just did'nt like playing it anymore so moved on


Vox VT20+ modeller...quite a good amp for the money but I never eally got on with it...too many settings to fiddle about with (but that probably just me) and mad jumps in volume between saved tones.

Blackstar ID15 Tvp...another modeller but head and shoulders above the Vox...really good software for downloading other peoples tones etc...again you can tweak and fiddle to your hearts content..nearly kept it when I got the bassbreaker but decided to move it on ..decided that modellers are not really for me at the moment..just want to plug in and get on with it with minimum tweaking.
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Latest Update: TC 3rd Dimension added by Habanero


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Bringing back to life!


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