Learning To Play ... Gear Owned & Photos (no comments please)


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A thread for listing all our musical gear, an archive of our gear bought, kept or sold!

Photos as THUMBNAILS please to keep readable on wifi. If we keep it up to date and edit with all new acquisitions, we can drool over each other's equipment:blush:. Any gear bought would probably be first shown in Equipment Thread, then added for all-time here.

Andy's (bilbosmeggins) Gear

Andrew's (AndrewH13) Guitars Amps Effects and Bass

Jonathan's (gloopyjon)1 2 3 4

Robby's (RobbySpurs) Gear

Sean's (Goooner) Gear

Hugh's (Hugh) Gear

(stument) Gear

(EdB999) Gear

(Keltic) Guitars Amps

Tris's (nero0410) Gear

(Magoo222) Gear

Marcus's (reevesy) Gear

Colin's (hyperfish) Guitars Amps

Tony's (DeeezNuuutz) Gear

(Craigy) Gear

Adam's (Axl) Gear

Christian's (Christian 71) Gear

(HorseToWater) Gear

Mark's (mac40) Gear

Graham (gkf9) Gear

John (saldawop) Gear

(thegezman) Gear1 Gear2

Kelvin's (KelvinS1965) Gear

AndrewN's (Habanero's) Gear

To sum up we also have:
The learning to play for real thread | AVForums
for all advice and chat about techniques and tuition

The Learning ... Equipment thread! | AVForums
for chat and advice about gear

The learning to play - Soundcloud clips | AVForums
to link recordings we make

The GAS Lust List | AVForums
for photos and details of gear to look at
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AVF Buying Sprees (please let me know any corrections:))

Line 6 Owners

Line 6 Variax

Andrew - JTV 59 Cherry Sunburst (June 2013, Andertons)
Mac 40 - JTV 69 Black (June 2013, Andertons via middle of the road!)
Big Tone - JTV 59 Cherry Sunburst (June 2013, Andertons)
Christian - JTV 89 Black ( July 2013, Thomanns)
Goooner - JTV 59 Cherry Sunburst (August 2013, Thomanns)
Hugh - JTV 89 Blood Red (August 2013, Thomanns)
leedm33 - JTV 59 Black (Nov 2013, Andertons)
Donnacha - JTV 59 Black (March 2014, Thomanns)
Nik 73 - JTV 59 (Nov 2014)
Deeez Nuuutz - JTV59 (Dec 2014, Andertons)
Mac 40 - JTV 59 Tobacco Sunburst (Dec 2014)
Crocodile - JTV 59 Cherry Sunburst (Jan 2015, Dawsons)
Scott - Variax 300 Red (Jan 2015, 2nd hand)
Tris - Yamaha Variax Standard Black, (May 2015, Guitar Guitar)
Graham - JTV69S Black, (September 2016, GAK)

Line 6 Amps
Jon - DT25, 25watt amp (November 2013, Key Music, Belgium)
Goooner - DT25, 25watt amp (March 2014, GAK)
Mac 40 - AMPLIFi 75 (February 2014, GAK)
Andrew - AMPLIFi 75 (February 2014, PMT)
Big Tone - AMPLIFi 75 (February 2014, Dawsons)
Bilbo - AMPLIFi 75 (February 2014, Guitar Guitar)
Hugh - AMPLIFi 75 (March 2014, Guitar Show)
Hyperfish - AMPLIFi 75 (March 2014, Andertons)
Phragzy - AMPLIFi 75 (May 2014, --)
Deletion - AMPLIFI 150, (July 2014, Guitar, Guitar)
Nik - AMPLIFi 75 (Sept 2014, Andertons)
Robbie - AMPLIFI 75 (Sept 2014, Guitar Guitar)
Magoo222 - AMPLIFI 75 (Sept 2014, 2nd hand)
Keltic - AMPLIFI TT (Dec 2014, Andertons)
Deeez Nuuutz - AMPLIFI 75 (Dec 2014, GAK)
gkf9 - AMPLIFI 75 (Apr 2016, --)
Christian 71 - AMPLIFI 30 (July 21)

Jon - HD500X Multi-effects (November 2013, Key Music, Belgium)
Bilbo - HD500X Multi-effects (December 2013, GAK)
Goooner - HD500X Multi-effects (January 2014, local shop)
Christian - HD500 Multi-Effects (Feb 2014, 2nd hand)
Hyperfish - Firehawk Multi-Effects (June 2015)
Andrew - Firehawk Multi-Effects (June 2015, PMT)
Nero - Firehawk Multi-Effects (Nov 2015)
Axl - Firehawk Multi-Effects (April 2016)
Nik - Helix (May 2016)
Goooner - Helix (July 2016, Andertons)
Andrew - Helix (Aug 2016, Andertons)
Christian - Helix (Dec 16)
gkf9 - Helix LT (June 2017)
BigTone - Helix (June 2017)
KungFuPro - Helix LT (Aug 2017, Bax-Music)

gkf9 - G10 (June 2016)
Nik - G50 (July 2016
Christian - G10 (Mar 2018)

Marshall JMD:50 owners
Nik - May 2014, Gear 4 Music
Keltic - May 2014, Gear 4 Music
Andrew - May 2014, Gear 4 Music
Bilbo - June 2014, Gear 4 Music
Tris - June 2014, Gear 4 Music
Christian - June 2014, Gear 4 Music
Phragzy - June 2014, Gear 4 Music, sold out

Zoom and Boss Multi-Trackers
Andrew - Zoom R8
Christian - Boss Micro BR, BR80
Robbie - Boss Micro BR, Zoom R8
Big Tone - Zoom R16
Tris - Zoom R8
Bilbo - Zoom R24
Goooner - Boss Micro BR, Zoom R8

Blackstar Fly
Deeez Nuuutz
Magoo 222
Tris (+ext spk)

Trio Pedal

Jon (Trio+)
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Big group hug shot of "Things with Strings". Keeping everything photo'd except for Gibbo in the middle, and Tenor Uke on right hand side. Ooh, and the dulci strummer, which, as you can see, is the only right-hander in the picture (it's a prezzie for my sister, just couldn't help but stick it in the picky :) ).

My beloved Taylor GS Mini which can now be seen sporting the EZ-Go pick up system. Sounds even better than fantastic now.
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Part 1 Guitars:

1) 'Les Paul'
May 2009, £90 2nd-hand from an AVF member.
In a small way I guess my Guitar madness started in May 2009, when I took in a 'Gibson' Les Paul valued at £90 towards some TAG McLaren loudspeaker stands I sold! It was supposedly made 'out of hours' in the Epiphone factory and doled up to look like a Gibson:laugh: I paid £60 for a luthier and he replaced broken truss rod and set-up best he could. But being pre-Rock Band 3 days I soon gave up trying to play it and it's main purpose was to be just an ornament, as I was never going to attempt learning again:D It does have problems at higher frets but looks a lovely ornament in the lounge.
EDIT Jan 2014, Fret levelled, nut filed, electronics sprayed by Luthier, now a player!

2) Squire Rock Band 3 Stratocaster
April 2011, £206 JG Windows.
I read in Edge Magazine in W H Smiths about a new game Rock Band 3 that would have a 'real guitar' released to play along to your favourite bands. Yeah, really! Then I started reading these xbox music forums and it was like a soap opera, and still IS! The Mustang was brought straight away but that doesn't quite qualify here, although it had 105 buttons! Then the Squire was released and I was lucky enough to get one mail order from JG Windows in Newcastle thanks to a tip-off from Craigy. A guitar ahead of it's time, playable (to a degree) outside of the game, and midi signals relaying to my favourite ever computer game RB3. Still fun to this day. Absolutely shamefully setup from Fender and withdrawn 2 weeks later.
View attachment 560463

3) PRS 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24
October 2011, £499 (price-match down from £599) PMT Southend
GAS starts on the forum as we all start buying real guitars to play outside of Rockband 3. Royal Blue PRS.
1203 prs1w.jpg

4) Jackson PS4
May 2012, £92, e-bay Heybridge Basin
Found the Local Deal e-bay App! Nice bargain for a Floyd-Rose guitar, lovely low action

6) Gear4Music Stratocaster
July 2012, e-bay Basildon
Speculative bid as only 8 miles away and came with a case!
Sold Nov 16

9) Epiphone Dot (335) March 2013, £279 Guitar Guitar Epsom
Really getting into blues and enticed by a Semi Acoustic that can be strummed and heard while watching TV. Update May 2014 - practically never played as uncomfortable with dodgy shoulder. Still got pickup stickers on!
Sold September 2014

10) Variax JTV59 Cherry Sunburst
June 2013, £649 offer (list £1099) Andertons. Heard a Variax demo end of 2012 and went for the free Backtrack! Once Andertons had 50 on offer, I jumped in car down to Guildford and cherry picked one!

11) Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor
Jan 2014, £241 PMT 10% off day!
My first decent acoustic, a Baby but ideal with my frozen shoulder.
1401 babyt4a.jpg

12) 60th Anniversary Fender American Stratocaster
July 2014, £1100 PMT Southend
Waited a while for this, the minute I picked it up I knew!

13) Epiphone SG400, Feb 2015
Second-hand, Grays, £60. Local seller in an AVF ad. Cleaned up nicely.
1502 SG4w.jpg

14) Fender Stratocaster, Feb 2015
Candy Apple Mexican Strat, 2nd-hand buy. Bought to protect my American and be used when taking outside the house etc.

16) Fender Hot Rod T-Bucket 300-CE Trans Blue Quilt , Nov 2015
Black Friday deal purchase from Guitar Guitar, £209 reduced to £149 by mistake!
Sold Nov 2016

17) Gibson 2015 Les Paul Classic, Dec 2015
Seafoam Green. Amazon Gibson clearout, £749 reduced from an original £1599
1512 SeafoamLP4a.jpg

18) Fender FSR Telecaster, Dec 2017
Bought 2nd hand from guitarist in 'Rollin Machine' £350
1712 telyc2a.jpg

see part 2 for Amps and Prt 3 for Effects & Bass Guitars
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Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013 Heritage Cherry Sunburst - ££££
2014-06-07 19.13.15.jpg

Epiphone Slash Rosso Corsa Les Paul - ££
2014-11-15 14.28.39.jpg

Guitars that are gone, but not forgotten :(

BC Rich Mockingbird Special X
Washburn N2 Paduak



Orange OR15

LP and OR15.jpg

Orange Micro Terror head - pressie
Orange PPC112 cab
Orange PPC108 cab
Line 6 Amplifi 75 (thanks Andrew... :mad:... :);) )


Fulltone OCD
EHX Soul Food
MXR Analogue Chorus
TC Electronic Polytune 2
TC Electronic Flashback Delay
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
Crybaby Wah
Digitech Bad Monkey
Digitech RP90 - £35 s/h ebay
Istomp x1 - £49

Other Equipment

Zoom R8 - birthday pressie
Line 6 Backtrack - £11.05 s/h ebay
Box of Gibson medium picks
Gibson Fatboy strap - a pressie from my mates to go with the LP. The most ridiculously comfortable strap EVER.
Pedal Train Jr


Justin Guitar Beginners Song Book -£15
Total Guitar sub
The Beauty of the Burst

Pics of all the above to follow once I have worked out how on earth to post pictures into an existing post on the app, or shrink pictures to fit on the PC.
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image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg 012.JPG Copied directly from the other thread, will try and do an update with some pics as soon as I can.

Right then, let's give this a go. Going from memory, will check later :)


Chord Strat copy (surf blue) £120ish I think I paid £150 or something for it with a Marshall MG10 which is long gone.

Fender Squier Classic Vibe Tele (butterscotch blonde) eBay £210

PRS SE Santana from Rock Hard Music, £700

Variax JTV-59 Cherryburst, £932, Thomann

Brunswick electro acoustic, £50 eBay

Jaxville Reaper Bass, £85 eBay May 2014

Fender Mexican Strat (Sold to Andrew 28/2/15)

Replaced by Fender 60th Anniversary American Strat, £1154 Andertons (28/2/15)


Epiphone Lucille - Andertons £535 (5/3/16)


Blackstar HT-5 £290, I think, Rock Hard Music - sold

Line 6 DT25 - March 2014 £700ish (Blackstar P/ex against it)

(Previously owned aforementioned MG10, Peavey Vypyr 15, Fender Mustang 1)


Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah - around £40 eBay

Marshall Guvn'r 2 around £25 eBay

Zoom G3 + Expression pedal (effectively upgrading it to the G3X) £110 eBay - soon to be back on eBay, having been replaced by

Line 6 Pod HD500X (£386 PMT Northampton 1/1/14)

Digitech Trio (Andertons £140ish mid-2015)

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper (PMT Northampton, 30/12/15 £100)


/2 x JBL LSR305 - 11/7/16 £200 Ebay


Justinguitar Beginners Songbook
Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook
Justinguitar Pop Songbook
Justinguitar Rock Songbook
Justinguitar Vintage Songbook
Justinguitar Beginners Songbook Vol 2

Play Guitar With....

The Rolling Stones
Buddy Holly
The Beatles
The Who
20 Rock Classics

Just bought this last week
Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (Authentic Guitar-Tab Editions)

Waiting for Mothership: Led Zeppelin tab book to arrive from eBay.

Really want this, but I'll have to import by the looks of it and need to find somewhere with reasonable postage.

Alfred The Rolling Stones - 50 Songs for 50 Years Hardcover Guitar TAB Book by Alfred Alfred The Rolling Stones - 50 Songs for 50 Years Hardcover Guitar TAB Book: Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments

Other miscellaneous tab books, U2, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The White Pages

Loads of others that I can't remember right now, but I'll see if I can list them later :)

Countless iPhone/iPad Apps too:D

And of course, we mustn't forget Rocksmith :thumbsup:

Coming up on the third anniversary of Rockband 3 and the Pro Guitar Mustang controller, which is what got me interested in the whole guitar thing and is ultimately responsible for all the above :D

Before that the only interest in playing guitar was those drunken teenage post pub brainstorming sessions "let's start a band" never mind that none of us owned or could play any instruments:laugh:

Ought to add Bandfuse to the list too.

Fender guitar stool


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  • IMG_0120.JPG
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  • IMG_0121.JPG
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  • IMG_0125.JPG
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1. Jim Deacon

Don't know much about this. Bought as a guitar/amp bundle from ebay for £72 back in March of 2008. Was only interested in the Marshall amp which was selling for £100 at the time. Got the amp and basically a free guitar. Gave the guitar to my old man, but he didn't use it so I got it back off him to practice setting up without any fear. My guinea pig guitar. :D

2. Ibanez GRG170DX
This was on order when I got the above guitar/amp bundle. I knew I wasn't going to be using the Jim Deacon. Read up on this and found it to be the best rock/metal guitar for beginners and pretty cheap at £160. I do like this guitar a lot. It has a wonderfully thin neck, and is strung with 9's from the factory. Great for the quick twiddly bits and really easy to bend. Only downside is the floating bridge. Stays in tune great, but takes an age to retune to any different tuning. Every time you tune a string, every other string's tension changes, so all the other 5 have to be retuned. Tune another string and you have to go back over the other 5 again. Takes forever. Stays at standard E. :laugh: Lovely guitar and my 2nd go-to after the Variax.

3. Epiphone G-400 in Silverburst.
This was mentioned on this here forum. Was one of the first of the spree's I think. I didn't buy into it at the time, but when my 20 year long service award came up at work, I thought, I'd better get in before they all go out of stock. Cost me £250 in June of 2012. Must have been one of the last available. Beautiful looking beast.

4. Peavey Millennium BXP
Half price sale on Peavey Basses at GuitarGuitar in November 2012. £100. Looks to be pure black, but there are some purple streaks deep in the paintwork. Tuning peg broke after a few months. Informed GuitarGuitar and they shipped another one instantly without question. Great service has earned them a customer for life. :thumbsup:

5. James Tyler Variax JTV-89
I bet JTV were wondering what was going on that month. Everyone and his dog were snapping these up at the discounted prices. Thomman supplied me with the beautiful blood red 89 for £580 in August 2013. What can one say. Stunning piece of kit. The stock pickups are great, and when you get into the electrickery, it's just amazing. Now you can play both parts of dualling banjos on the one item, switching between banjo and acoustic. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds do-able.:laugh:

6. BC Rick Warlock (with Widow Headstock)
Bought mainly as an ornament from Thomann for £160 in November 2014. Just looks so good up on the wall, but it also plays surprisingly well. Thin fast neck like my Ibanez. Shod with 9's from the factory. Sits well on the leg when playing. Do guitars get any more metal.


7. Gibson Angus Young Signature SG

Bought from Gumtree in Tipperary, Ireland at the end of April 2015 with a scary story which can be read here. Cost €1,500. Stunning looking guitar and sounds great. Hadn't been played much as owned by an AC/DC fan rather than a guitarist. It showed on arrival. Frets were beginning to rust and the strings looked ancient and rough as hell. A good clean and polish and it now looks like new. This ain't going to be pampered. It's going to be played hard.

1. Marshall MG15DFX
As stated above, bought as a bundle from ebay for £72 back in March 2008. I've not really got much of a reference for amps, but it sounded just fine to me. Has 4 digital effects built in (Reverb, Chorus, Flange and Delay). I just love the look of this thing, with the gold top and iconic lettering across the front.

2. Fender G-Dec3 Fifteen
Lovely modelling amp with a SD card slot for pre-prepared tones and backing tracks. Shame that Fender killed this off when they did. Would have been nice to get more from Hal Leonard books. Stick the AC/DC SD-card in and you have the Angus Young tone and backing tracks to play along to. Can slow down the tracks to any level to help you keep up. Bizarre purchase, as I was searching ebay for one of these local to me, saw one I liked and emailed off a few questions about it. Get an internal message at work from a guy in another part of the office. It was his. Small world, eh? £100 given and he brought it into work next day. :rotfl:

3. Line6 Amplifi
The next level of modelling amps. No need for SD-cards now, just download a tone from the web onto your IOS device, send it to the amp. Bluetooth the backing track to the amp and away you go. Can also create you own tones with a multitude of amps, cabs, pedals and so many settings of each it makes your head spin. Also works great as a simple bluetooth speaker. Sounds so good due to the multiple full range speakers in the cabinet. Picked up for a bargain £250 at the Great British Guitar Show in March of 2014. These things were flying from the Line6 stand. No Android support, and tracks can only be played at 100% or 50% speed. That's a shame, but I'm sure could be sorted with a firmware update. Android now supported and plenty of third party apps to play backing tracks at any speed. This thing just gets better with age.

Books/DVD and more.
Istomp pedal.
Metal Method - 6 DVD course
G-Dec3 - AC/DC
G-Dec3 - Hard Rock
G-Dec3 - Eric Clapton
Justinguitar Beginner's Course
Justinguitar Beginner's Songbook
The Who - Quadrophenia : Authentic Guitar Tab
The Definitive AC/DC Songbook
Guitar for Dummies
RGT Rock Guitar Playing - Initial Stage
RGT Rock Guitar Playing - Preliminary Grade
RGT Rock Guitar Playing - Grade 1
RGT Rock Guitar Playing - Grade 2
Rockschool Guitar - Grade 1
Rockschool Guitar - Grade 2
Rockschool Guitar - Hot Rock - Grade 1
Rockschool Guitar - Hot Rock - Grade 2
How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great
Cruztools guitar toolkit
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I shared these images about a year ago but seeing this new thread i thought i'd add my little treasures!


Marshall MG100DFX (Left)
Marshall MG15DFX (Right)
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal (Black Left)
Marshall GV-2 Guv'nor Plus Effects Pedal (Grey Right)


Epiphone Les Paul Sunburst Standard (Right)

Being a slash fan with a budget this was my very first guitar and all i could afford! I just came home from my first tour in the Gulf and had a sudden urge to get into learning to play the Guitar! Within a week of being home I decided to go straight for this as the LP is my favourite style of guitar!

Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde Custom Camo (Center)- Now has Het Set EMG Pickup's

I am a huge Zakk Wylde fan and my missus bought this for me as a surprise Christmas present 2 years ago! It is absolutely stunning and I treasure it! I rarely use this guitar but when i do the sound it produces with the Metal Zone on the 100W is unreal!

ESP LTD Explorer EX-260 (left)

My cheap ebay purchase, I managed to snag this little treasure for £120! It is my most used guitar and boy does it sound good! The EMG pick ups just produce the perfect sound for my style! I'm a huge Metallica fan and this is all i need to produce those heavy riffs!

Metallica - Black Album Tab Book
Metallica - Ride The Lightening Tab Took
Metallica - ...And Justice For All Tab Book
Metallica - Kill Em All Tab Book
Guns n Roses - Anthology Tab Book

Thanks for looking! and apologies for my shocking grammar and punctuation! :D
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Current gear:

2012 Fender Standard Stratocaster (Mexican) New from Andertons December 2012 £395. Upgraded with with Tonerider pure vintage pick-ups in 2013.


2013 Fender American standard Telecaster. Used 4/2015 £620 (missing hard case)


*Edit* Group shot current as of 23/7/16-
2012 Fender standard Strat (as above), 2016 Gibson SG faded T, 2013 Fender American STD Tele (as above), Vintage v6hmrsb, Vintage v130, Yamaha THR10C, Hughes & Kettner tubemeister 18c


Plus a few gig bags, hard cases, music stand, korg tunner, cables leads etc. not shown.

Previous gear, now sold on:

Tokai Love rock Les Paul - Best guitar I've had, just don't get on with LP ergonomics.
Epiphone Les Paul gothic - Ergonomics as above.
Yamaha Pacifica 112v- First guitar, very nice just upgraded to the fender
Vintage v400- Good guitar, just after a smaller bodied acoustic (v400 is a dreadnought).
Vintage vs6- Bought on a whim for a bargain price on the ebay local deal app. Didn't like the neck heavy nature otherwise good guitar.
2011 Fender Blacktop Telecaster. £300, used 2014.
2011 Squire classic vibe 50's butterscotch Telecaster. £175 used 2013 (sold late 2014 - mistake)
Peavey vypyr 15 - to complicated to use and digital sounding.
Roland micro cube - Good for what it is, redundant after I got the THR.
Blackstar HT1-r - Two faulty units, finally got credit after several failed repair attempts.
No name strat- Bought for the hard case and sold on.
2015 Fender standard Telecaster - Damaged on arrival and returned.
2012/13 Fender Standard Stratocaster (Mexican). Bought used late 2014, upgraded bridge pickup to Seymour Duncan quarter pound 2/2015. sold 5/15.
2010 Gibson Les Paul Junior. Used 5/2015 £400
Vintage VRS100. £75 Used 2014
Zoom G3.


  • DSC02076.JPG
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here are my Guitars to date

1. Epi Dot
- my first guitar - Dawsons £269 Sep 2013

2. Fender Modern Player Thinline Tele - lovely Tele with P90 pups- Dawsons £369 Mar 2014
MP thinline Tele.jpg

3. Squier Jazz Bass - Matchetts £349 Dec 2013

4. Fender American Standard Telecaster - Dawsons £849 Jul 2014 - my best and undoubtedly most treasured guitar so far. I love the finish, Mystic Blue. It has the Custom Shop pups - Broadcaster and Twisted.

AmSTD Tele incase.jpg IMG_4649.JPG

5. Squier Joe Trohman Tele £149 from GAK. Was too much of a bargain to resist! Tele with H-S-H setup, with a killswitch as well. Has a really really good satin finished C profile neck, almost as good as my Am Std tele!

6. PRS SE Standard 245 - Andertons £399

7. Gibson Les Paul Junior (2015) - Amazon £284 (yes, really!)
DSC03079.JPG DSC03088_edited-1.JPG


Laney Tube Fusion - £60 s/h
Blackstar Core ID 20 - £109 Dawsons
JMD 1 - £199 Gear4Music
Marshall 1912 cab - £130 s/h
Line 6 Amplifi TT - £149 Andertons
BluGuitar Amp1 - £469 Thomanns


  • P9060127.JPG
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UPDATE - So much has changed, new list and photo's soon! :)
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Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro (Alpine White)

Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster

Fender CD-60

Ibanez Gio GRX70

Ibanez Artcore AF75

Adam Black Libra


Squier 15 [Gave away - Dec 2016]

Amplifi 75

Blackstar Fly 3

Orange OR15 & PPC112 [Sold Sept 2017 - Facebook]


Tascam US-100


Akai Chorus
Digitech Trio+


Rocksmith (Both original and 2014)
JustinGuitar Songbook Collection
JustinGuitar Beginner's Course Book
Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
GarageBand iPad
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Deeez Nuuutz

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Well here's all my gear to date. I started playing about 7 years ago and lost interest after about 6 months or so. Recently started playing (and aquiring :D) again...

Fender Squire Stratocastor:-
This was the first guitar I bought along with a 3 watt Marshall Micro Stack. Got the pair for about £80 off fleabay.
Haven't got the amp anymore as I blew it after about a week :devil:

Picture to come when I get it down from the loft...

Ibanez Prestige RG570 (I think?) :-


This was my next guitar purchase. I loved it when I first saw it and just had to have it. It's got a slim super fast maple Wizard neck and a rosewood fretboard along with 24 jumbo frets and a Floyd Rose Trem... The colour is like a bluey green fleck depending on the angle and light. Cost me £700 from GAK.
My shredding machine :D

Fender American Stratocastor 60th Anniversary:-

image.jpg image.jpg

Went looking for a new guitar a few weeks ago and fell in love with this. It's original 2-tone sunburst with gold plated machinery and 1954 pickups. Amazing to play and just gorgeous!

Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV-59 :-


Purchased this baby about a week ago on a whim... Wanted a guitar that was easy to switch between tunings on RockSmith and after some persuading (cough) from a few other members who also own this model I bit the bullet. Its in Cherry Sunburst

A Group Photo lol :-

Orange Crush 35 LDX Amplifier:-
Pretty good practice amp but I'm now after something a little bigger and better. :cool:

Line6 Amplifi 75


Orange TH30 Amplifier Head
Orange PPC212 OB


Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp


Pedals :-

Orange FS-1 Foot Switch
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz
Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

Apogee Jam (for connecting guitar to iDevices)
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Music room group hug. These are all used, some more than others.

Top left to right... Fender Wilko Tele, Fender Cabronita Tele, Traben Bass. Bottom left to right.
Fender Trans Dark, JN Acoustic, Epiphone Rosso Corsa, Squire Tele, Gibson LP Studio, Gibson LP Standard, Fender Custom Tele, Fender Acoustic. Hiding in various rooms out of sight...Strat copy, Jazz Bass copy, 2 x Spanish acoustics, Les Paul copy.

WP_20151126_15_24_25_Pro.jpg sfx7yr.jpg

Gibson Les Paul Classic


Epiphone Es339


Gibson Les Paul Studio


Gibson LP Studio 2008, Gibson LP Standard 2000, Epiphone Rosso Corsa, Gibson LP Studio 2016, Gibson LP Classic 2015


Gone but not forgotten...

Gibson LP Studio 2008
Fender CD60 CE
Squire Strat
Washburn Mercury

Vox AC15VR
30w Peavy amp
60w Stagg amp

e00c91.jpg 5bs41f.jpg
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Ladies and gents:

"Hi Mods. Is it possible to split this thread into separate pages every 8 or 10 posts. We are keeping it to one post a person, so there are not too many new entries, about one or two a month. But we add pictures to our original posts and it now takes too long to load for people on wifi. Thanks"

I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to separate posts out. It's down to user settings in your control panel, whereby you can choose the number of posts to display per page by default.

It's a pain to change just for one thread, but that there's the limitation to the system I'm afraid. Limiting file sizes might be a good move as well (i.e. <300kb) as well as limiting the resolution (i.e. 720p).

Apologies I can't rub it with a magic sponge, but thought I'd at least take the time to explain the sort-of-solution.

Christian 71

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I first tried learning guitar when I was about 18 in the late 80s and kept trying for a few years on and off, in the end I gave up as I decided I was not talented enough to learn. The yearning to play guitar never went away and with the Rockband Squire strat released around my 40th it nicely hit my mid life crisis and with Rocksmith I've not looked back since. :thumbsup:

IMG_1577.JPG IMG_1543.JPGJCM800b.jpgJTV89.jpg ImageUploadedByAVForums1370453658.407085.jpgIMG_0892.JPG

The Guitars pictured left to right that I currently own are:

DIY Strat: Built myself from parts off ebay as part of a project, original body I re-finished was replaced due to damage :(. Fitted with Fender Fat 50 pickups, locking tuners and a clever 9 pickup switching system and both a Bass and Treble tone knob.
Epiphone Slash Goldtop Les Paul: Bought used and it has some slight damage to the top and neck (repaired). Older version of the slash signature and fitted with APH1 pickups rather than the newer APH2. Great guitar and plays as well as some of the Gibsons I've tried.
Line 6 JTV89 Variax: The Ibanez styled version of the JTV variax. Plays great and generally my main guitar. Love the variax modelling which works really well. One of the few guitars I bought new.
Yamaha GL1 Guitalele: A baby of a guitar which is more sentimental as I bought it 12 years ago in Indonesia when travelling around the world. It plays like a mini acoustic, but best for finger picking due to it's small size.
Washburn N2: Bought used a few years back when I realised I was making progress playing and deserved something better. My beater guitar and has been through a fair number of pickup changes and tinkering, back to stock pickups now. For a low/mid price guitar it plays great and still one of the guitars i play on most.
Takamine F360s Acoustic: Bought used about 20 years ago when I gave up on electric and wanted an acoustic to play chords. Spent most of its life couvered in dust but a really nice playing and sounding acoustic, kind of one of the family as its sat in the corner of the room since I bought it.
Fender American Standard Tele: Bought used but in immaculate condition. 2005 Cola Candy with a maple neck. Great guitar, sounds and plays like a Tele should and lovely feel thanks to the satin urethane finish. Quickly become a favourite and feels like a quality guitar.

The amps pictured top left to right that I currently own are:

Marshall JTM1: I fancied a valve amp, tried a blackstar HT and madly switched this on and couldn't think of anything else for weeks until I found one used on ebay. Hugely over priced new as it's a 1 watt anniversary model but all the 50th Marshalls sound great and this is no exception. Bonkers amp as no headphone, line out, reverb or loop. 1 Volume, Tone knob, on/off switch and a 1/0.1w switch. Surprisingly loud for home use in 1 watt mode.
Marshall JMD + MX212 Cab: Bought like the others above when Marshall/G4Music were clearing out final stock, my main amp and the bargain of the decade. Fantastic amp packed with features, sounds like a full valve amp and great through headphone or with FX. The cab is matched and fairly flat response which I like. Can be played at bedroom volumes, but works best the louder you go as the valves need warming up.
Marshall JCM800 4210: It's a 28 year Marshall JCM800, a classic so I had to buy one when it came up used on Gumtree. A good combo, but really too loud for home use so I use an eq pedal which helps. Not sure if it will stay long term as it's heavy and not particularly practical, but it's an icon and treasured all the same.
Fender Mustang Mini: I've owned two Mustang 1s and a Mustang 4. No other modelling amp I've tried does the fender cleans so well and this is the battery powered portable version. Only used occassionally now as a pickup and go, but sounds surprisingly good for a small amp. Modded to have a speaker out so I can play through my 2x12.
Fender Super Champ X2: Its basically a Fender Mustang with 2 6v6 valves in the power section to make it 20w. I love mustangs with fender guitars, they sound just like a fender should and although much cheaper than a Fender Deluxe Reverb or Blues Junior it's pretty close on tone. The drive models are probably the weak spot, but the cleans make up for it.

And my main FX is a my HD500, although I have Boss BR80 which I use for recording.

Line 6 HD500: Probably my main used piece of gear as I generally use this through my JMD loop or with headphones. It's not the easiest effects unit to get to grips with, but for the price it's packed full of features and pretty much does everything I need. Bought used and amazing value for money. Trying to use it for rehersals but still got a lot to learn.

Washburn N2......................................£180 s/h
Line 6 JTV89 Variax.............................£558 Thomann
DIY Stratocaster.................................£150 aprx (now with Fat 50 pickups..£90 s/h)
Takamine F360s Acoustic.....................£200 s/h
Yamaha GL1 Guitalele..........................£35
Greg Bennet MAV1..............................£42 s/h
Epiphone Slash Goldtop Les Paul...........£261 s/h
Fender American Standard Tele.............£540 s/h
Marshall JTM1.....................................£420 s/h
Marshall JMD:1 50...............................£400
Marshall JCM800 4210.........................£350 s/h (£90 Celestion Cream Speaker)
Fender Mustang Mini...........................£55 s/h
Fender Super Champ X2......................£180 s/h
Blackstar Fly 3...................................(free with £28 mag subscription)
Dunlop Crybaby wah...........................£20 s/h
Joyo Vintage Overdrive........................£18
iRig Stomp Pedal................................£40
Digitech iStomp..................................£60
Joyo 6 band EQ..................................£25
Nux Loop Core Pedal...........................£65
Digitech Trio Pedal..............................£140
Boss Super Overdrive (SD1)................£32 s/h
Boss Metal Zone (MT2).......................£28 s/h
Timmy Overdrive...............................£45 s/h
Gear + FX
Line 6 HD500.....................................£230 s/h
BR80 recorder....................................£115 s/h
xenyx 1202 Mixer................................£45 s/h
Samson Q7 mic + stand ......................£20 s/h
Joyo Acoustic Mini Amp .......................£8

Lots of books and general bits and pieces I've bought but not worth mentioning.
Owned and Sold
- Marlin Stratocaster, Starforce USA, PRS Santana, Fender Squire Mini, Burswood Stratocaster, Wesley Les Paul, Fender Rockband Squire
Amps - Gorilla 10w, Fender Mustang 1 (x2), Peavy Rage 128, Orange CR10, Marshall MG15, Marshall MG50, Vox AV100, Marshall Valvestate (VS65R), Laney LC30ii, Marshall DSL401
Gear + FX - Korg Pandora Effects, Behringer Vamp Effects, Boss GT3 Effects, Zoom MRS4 Recorder, Line6 Backtrack, Boss Micro BR
Pedals - DOD American Metal, Joyo Pocket Metal, Joyo California Sound, Blackstar HT-Dual, TC Electronics Ditto Looper, Boss Distortion DS1, Eno Classic Distortion,Eno Trinity Distortion, Joyo US Dream
Pickups Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell, Seymour Duncan SH1n 59, Bare Knuckle Black Dog, Tonerider Surfari set, PRS Santana Signiture set, Epiphone Hot Classic set, Fender MiM set
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Part 2

Amps & Cabs:

Peavey Vypyr 15

June 2009, £89, PMT Southend
April 2013, Sold £45 eBay

Vox Mini 3
April 2011, £108, PMT Southend
Sold Nov 2016

Orange Crush 10

2012, eBay £22
April 2013, Sold £31
View attachment 560797

Fender Frontman 25B Bass amp
June 2012, £32? eBay

Blackstar HT5R 2x10 Anniversary Edition
April 2013, £369 price match (£429), PMT Southend
1204 blackstar1w.jpg
March 2018, Traded in to Guitar Guitar

Line 6 Amplifi 75
Feb 2014, £299, PMT Southend

Marshall JMD:1 50 + MX 2x12 CAB
May 2014, £399, Gear 4 Music

BluGuitar Amp1
Oct 2014, £489, £359 Badlands, Brighton

BluGuitar Remote1
March 2018, Traded in to Guitar Guitar

BluGuitar NanoCab

February 2016, £330 Thomann, Germany

BOSS Katana 100w Head (plus GA-FC controller & Roland EV-5 expression pedal)
Dec 2017, £349 RichMusic (less £70 ebay discount)
Jan 2018, GA-FC Controller £81
March 2018, Roland EV-5 £61
1712 Katana2a.jpg
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Fender Modern player Telecaster plus in transparent charcoal (i.e. Black)
PRS SE Bernie Marsden in Vintage Sunburst

Epiphone ES-339 Vintage sunburst (Traded in)
Epiphone SG Faded red(Traded in)
Squier Affinity HSS stratocaster Fiesta Red (given to brother!)

Vox VT40+ Valvetronix
Fender GDEC (Traded in)
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Thought I would add an extra post just for my amps :blush:

The big lad - Marshall JMD1

The wee fella - BluGuitar Amp1 with Marshall 1912 cab

The Marshall, Amp1 and cab together

Practice amp -Blackstar ID:Core 20

Coffee Table rig - Line 6 Apmlifi TT

My first amp - Laney Tubefusion


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So finally took some pictures of my current guitar collection.

This is where it all began with my 1st "real" guitar. I already had the Rockband Mustang with all the buttons, what was it 90+ buttons. Anyway then the Squire Rockband Stratocaster was released for a very short time and I managed to get one from somewhere in Holland I think it was.

Then Rocksmith came out and I got a bundle that had the game and a Epiphone LPJ.

I think it was my 49th birthday and I wanted I nice quality guitar without spending £1000's.
So after much looking, playing, looking I fell for a PRS Bernie Marsden. I now reeally enjoy playing this again, but I have gone through periods of playing where I an just not comfortablwe with it.
It is a beautiful guitar when seen if the flesh so to speak.

Acoustic was next on my wish list so I picked up a Yamaha AX500ii and then quite quickly followed it with a Taylor GS Mini. The Mini is a great guitar to play and has a fairly deep sound even though it is quite small.
20150427_133950.jpg 20150427_134058.jpg

Picked up a Bass on Andrews recommendation as it was on a deal at the time. Doesn't get used as often as I would like.

There had been a lot of talk on here about Variax guitars and I know Andrew had demoed one and was impressed. Cost seemed to be the prohibitive factor until Andertons got some lesser grade models in. I few of us then got one. Mine is a JTV 69 which was originally all black but I have since fitted a parchment pick guard, I also replaced the wiring guts inside as I had a broken volume pot and you need to replace the whole wiring kit.
I have since picked up a Tobacco Sunburst JTV 59 and it is absolutely stunning in looks finish and playability. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was when it arrived and brand new, reduced in price and the Line 6 rebate mad in 05/2014

Then there was a bit of a Tele interest. Played a lovely Butterscotch blonde Squire CV model and surprise , surprise it was bought. very easy to play guitar and love the Tele twang.

I don't know why I bought this. its a Squire Vinatge Modified HSS Charcoal Stratocaster. Again nice and easy to play but rarely gets played.

Finally the last acquisition at the moment is an Epiphone Casino Coupe. Nice and light, love the P90's sound and very easy to play

I'll post another thread with my amps and bits and bobs later.
Now lusting after a Fiesta Red Strat as Dire straits is my fav band and MK's early stuff was all played on red Strat

Oh and real name is Mark
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Guitars Part One

** My gear is more extensively documented on my new website, www.gloopyguitars.com, on the My Gear page. Each guitar and amp will have its own page with photos and back story. **

Due to my weakness of will when either in guitar shops or when browsing their websites, I've got far too much gear for one post (particularly since AVF now imposes a limit of 10 photos per post). I have therefore split my gear up into four posts, as well as changing the pictures to thumbnails. This will also make it easier to add new gear in future!

So let's start with the guitars. I already have more than ten guitars so I'll put the first ten in this post and any others in the next.

1) Strat copy (sunburst) of unknown provenance bought secondhand while I was at university for £75 (in 1987 or '88, I think). Now passed on to my son for Rocksmith purposes.
<No photo yet>

2) Yamaha APX-4A acoustic, bought for around 18,000 Belgian Francs before we had the Euro (about €€450), probably around 15 years ago.

3) Lag Arkane (I think it's an A100, but not the current one) bought for €€370 in 2008. This is my Drop D guitar! In the picture, I've taken the tremolo arm off but you can see where it goes.

4) Fender Pawn Shop '72 (sunburst) bought in August 2013 for €795.

5) Brian May Special, black and gold, bought in November 2013 for £599 (but a present from my gf!). Review and more photos here: Guitar review: Brian May Special | AVForums

6) Chapman ML-2 Black Cherry, bought in January 2014 for £449. Review and more photos here: New guitar: Chapman ML-2 | AVForums

7) PRS Custom 22 Tiger Orange, bought in April 2014 for £2475
at Guitar Guitar in Birmingham. A wonderful instrument all round, great sound and great to play!

8) Harley Benton double cut kit guitar, bought in June 2014 for €77 plus about another €130 on lacquers, sandpaper, polishes etc. It's been assembled and it works, but it still needs a bit of fine-tuning, particularly the neck needs to be slightly repositioned. This photo is actually a mock-up during the build process.

9) Charvel Desolation DC-1 FR , bought in August 2014 for £389 (50% off at Anderton's). Lovely to play, impeccably finished. Undoubtedly my best guitar on a price/quality ratio. It was a bit of an impulse and an indulgence, but well worth it!

10) Epiphone Slash Rosso Corsa, bought in December 2014 for €799. A foray into the world of Les Pauls and thicker necks. I was initially looking at Gibson Les Pauls but, beautiful as they are, didn't find them comfortable to play, so I saved a lot of money and got this instead, which I really like. It's currently doing duty as my Eb guitar, since a lot of Slash songs are in that tuning.

[Continued in next post]
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Guitars Part Two

11) Duesenberg Starplayer TV Classic (Honey) - bought in April 2015 for €1632, plus €150 for the case which is sold separately. I went looking for a hollow or semi-hollow guitar, since I didn't have one yet, and even though I wasn't familiar with the brand, this guitar left everything else I tried in its wake (the nearest competitor was a Gretsch). To be fair, it was also dearer than all the others that I tried, but I think it's worth it.

12) Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret - bought in September 2015 for £699. Although I'd resolved to only buy one guitar in 2015, the Ghost Fret was definitely on my wish list, and when I saw that the first batch of them was coming with free Seymour Duncan pickups instead of the normal Chapman ones, I cracked. Nice guitar, quite comfortable to play although better standing up than sitting down. Videos (review, pickup comparison...) on my YouTube channel!

13) Gibson Les Paul Classic 2015 - bought in January 2016 for £829, reduced from £1599 - thanks to all the 2015 Gibson haters on the Internet! :) This is very close to what I'd been gassing for in a Gibson Les Paul, at about a third of the price, so I thought it was worth a try, following the examples of Andrew and Axl.
Gibson 3.jpg Gibson 6.jpg

14) Jaden Rose Glaive - bought in February 2016 at the British Guitar Show and AVF meet-up! Jaden was trying to have a clear-out of some guitars he had in stock and this one was B stock as it has some small imperfections on the top, so it was reduced from his normal price of around £2200 to £1500. A real shredding machine, and definitely my last guitar for 2016!
Jaden 1.jpg

15) PRS Custom 24 Wood Library in Violet Smokeburst - so this was my third guitar bought in 2016, at the end of October just before the start of my guitar building course! A bit extravagant, but I definitely wanted another PRS at some point, and the weakness of the pound after the Brexit vote made it a great time for me to buy in the UK. It also happens to be one of the most stunning guitars I've ever seen. Price....hmm, not for public consumption!

16) Own build at Crimson Guitars - in Oct/Nov 2016 I attended a 6-day guitar building course at Crimson Guitars, and this was the result. It's a rather unique design, not only visually but it's also semi-hollow, has a piezo pickup in the bridge (hence the 2nd blade switch) and it has an unusual scale length of 24 5/8".
Picture to follow when it's complete!

17) Second own build at Crimson Guitars - undaunted by the issues with my first build, I returned in May 2017 for another 6-day course, this time accompanied by my second son. This time I followed one of their designs, with some of my own design choices - most prominently the oak leaf inlay on the 12th fret. It's a PAF semi-hollow with Irongear pickups and Schaller hardware, and a pale blue stained burl poplar top. Oh, and it plays great!
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Basses and Amps

Bass Guitars
1) Yamaha RBX170 (red) bought in February 2013 for about £167 (including delivery to Belgium).
2) Chapman MLB-1 bought in December 2014 for £599 from Anderton's. Review on my YouTube channel!

1) Aria Pro II, 30W - bought many years ago, probably around 1991. I can't remember what I paid for it (about £80 or £90, I think). It was a pretty basic, cheap amp which sounds rubbish and has now been retired from active service - I actually toook it to the dump a month or two back because I never saw myself playing it again or passing it on to anyone else. Yes, it was that bad! Shame, because I think if I'd had a better amp I might have been more motivated to learn to play the guitar earlier. C'est la vie...

2) Line 6 DT25, bought November 2013, cost me €719. Great amp! Photo also shows my HD500X. ** NOW SOLD (Feb 2017) **
3) Orange Micro Crush Pix, bought January 2014, £35. Very small amp (15cm high). OK for casual use when you don't want to lug a big amp around, but the sound is very tinny. Now lent to my son.

4) Vox Mini5 Rhythm, bought July 2014, €139. Small amp, 5W, with 11 amp models and a rhythm function. Really nice bedroom / travel amp. Shown with my ML-2.
Vox amp.jpg

5) Victory V40H bought in February 2015, £829 (minus about £12 for Anderton's points!). Compact head with great clear tones and very good for pedals. I've done some videos with this amp on my YouTube channel

5a) Harley Benton Vintage 112 speaker cab, €98 in January 2015, which goes with the Victory head.

6) Marshall Mini Silver Jubilee 2525H, £779 in June 2016
Marshall 1.jpg

7) Boss Katana, €399 in June 2017
Boss Katana.jpg

8) Behringer B112W, €199 in November 2018
This is a 12" PA speaker for use as the power amp for playing bass, in conjunction with my Battalion preamp.
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Pedals & Miscellaneous

1) Boss ME-50, bought a few years ago for €249, mainly out of curiosity since I didn't really know what effects pedals did. Rather an expensive white elephant as I never really used it, and now I've got the HD500X. Has been lent to my son.

2) Line 6 HD500X, bought in November 2013 for €475 (together with the amp, and they added a free gig bag for the pod which was priced at €90). Very sexy box, although a bit complicated (see photo above in the amp section). ** SOLD IN OCT 2016 **

3) Fryer Guitars - Brian May Treble Booster - Touring, bought in February 2014 for £120.

4) PedalTrain PT2 (gift) populated with the following pedals (Nov-Dec 2014):
- Dunlop Cry Baby Wah (gift)
- TC Electronic Polytune 2 (€88)
- Boss CS-3 Compression/Sustainer (gift)
- TC Electronic MojoMojo overdrive (free with 3 for 2 offer)
- TC Electronic Corona chorus (€122)
- TC Electronic Flashback delay (€148)
- TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb (€133)
- TC Electronic Spark Booster (free with 3 for 2 offer)
- MXR SmartGate (€139 - Jan 2015)

5) Strymon Mobius - bought in March 2015 for €469. A very versatile modulation pedal with 12 different types of sounds. Added onto my pedalboard, but deserves its own mention because it was so expensive! :)

6) Hotone Soul Press - wah / volume / exp pedal (switchable between these functions). Replaced the Cry Baby on my board because it's half the size. About €80 (need to check).

7) TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion - bought when they were on special offer (need to check price).

8) Digitech Trio+ - preordered when the new version was announced! £219 from Anderton's (who have done very well out of me over the last few years).

9) Fender Micro ABY - €35 from Thomann in July 2016

10) Digitech Obscura Delay - £129 from Anderton's in October 2016 (exchanged against HD500X)

11) EHX Battalion bass preamp - €159 from Thomann in June 2018

I have a few books of scores, and my other main musical instrument is a Technics electric piano (bought in 2000 for about £2000). I also have an old mandolin banjo that a friend gave me, but which is mainly just an ornament.

I have a bunch of wall hangers of various types, but the best ones are the Hercules hangers.

Finally, this is my Rocksmith station. The amplifier is a Cambridge Audio 840Av2, paired with a Cambridge Audio 840C CD player and connected to a pair of ProAc Studio 130 speakers.
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