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my wife has been learning to drive for over 1 year now and has had on average 1 lesson (she started with 2 per week) a week this is now starting to bug me a lot (cost etc) she is as far as i can see quite compotant behind the wheel of our yaris
she is getting near to going for her test and has already passed the theory test
the problem is she has been asking for more lessons every week and and now the instructor has droped this down to 1 per week and has only just started to show her how to reverse
so is he talking the P*** and is it worth finding a better instructor
i am not wanting to help out as we WILL argue


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my dad is a driving instructor so i hear all the stories about other instructors(and got my lessons free:D ).
Anyway over a year and just starting to do manouvers and you say that she is quite compotent i would say that the instructor is dragging out the lessons to get more money and you should bring this up to him/her and ask him why he/she is dragging it out and see what his/her answer is.
From what my dad says the instructor is either milking it or the pupil must be quite bad to only start to do manouvers after a year.


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i get the impression that he is just taking the P***
been out tonight and her on road driving is better then a lot of others on the road
going to find a new instructor


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As a general rule most of my pupils have been introduced to all the manouevres somewhere before 30 hrs are up , there are exceptions to this , some much earlier and some later.
Usually the mature learner will take longer to pick things up and gain confidence.
Had a pass at 21 hrs ( took 7 weeks ) and 55 hrs ( took just over a year ) in the last few weeks , so nothing is set in stone.
Worth having someone else to give another opinion.


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Has she picked up the smaller (but just as important) points of driving quickly or are things things a bit slower for her? If she doesn't pick them up too quickly then maybe its taking so long because the instructor is just concentrating on on thing at a time?
If she is only having one hour per week then the first 15 mins or so of that hour will be getting back into the swing of things and the last 5-10 mins will be driving back home so her actual time spent learning to drive may only be about 35-45 minutes per week....
If she gets on with this instructor and feels comfortable and confident with them then it'll probably be best to stay with them as changing would mean a new person (who has a different teaching style) would have to learn how best to teach her and learn what she does know and what she doesn't etc.
I would suggest to her that she ask's the instructor what he/she feels would be the best way to proceed.


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she has picked up the smaller points very well and has a good understanding of the road
the instructer just keeps taking her on the same drive and not showing her any thing else
going to find someone else


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We have at least one instructor here that may pop up soon if he spots the thread ;)

My own advice would be to book an intensive course with the test at the end of it.


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Mylo said:
My own advice would be to book an intensive course with the test at the end of it.
I agree:)


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1 Hour a week is not enough and if that is all her instructor will do then I would look for someone else. Everyone has a different way of teaching and may introduce different manoeuvres at different points depending on how the pupil is getting on. For me I start introducing reversing around a corner after roughly 12-15 hours but like I said it does depend on the instructor and pupil.

As for Sean5302 s comment "instructors make money from instructing. Do you see?"
Yes they do but they also survive on their reputation and recommendations from pupils. As in all walks of life though there are people that will take advantage.


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