Learning remote for £20-30?


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I've got to get a learning remote capable of controlling 5+ devices as a present for someone, but only want to spend £20-30.
I know Richer Sounds do the All For One Topline 8 for £30, but are there others out there, or is that about it at that price level?

Anyone got any ideas?


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For anyone interested, I've finally found one. It's a Philex Wizard 8 - conrols up to 8 devices and is learnable. Cost is £24 so quite a bargain methinks. Gets good reviews too....

Was looking at the ubiquitous One For All remotes, but only the more expensive (i.e. £70 upwards) ones are fully learnable.


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This seems to be a cheapie way into this mystery. I'm on the AV power/processor upgrade, so may get a learning remote bundled in, so this is early recon. But how have you got on?

What have you linked to? What problems? What joys?



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Well as I said I bought it for a pressie for someone, so I haven't even seen it myself - got it delivered straight to his place. He seems to be very happy with it and says he hasn't had any problems at all. It has now replaced all 6 of his existing remotes without a problem. He has apparently tried some of the pre-programmed remotes in the past, and not had much success with them, so a fully learnable one was just what he was after.
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