Learing sky+remote

I am putting a skylink in my bedroom to control the sky+ box downstairs. The problem is, I can't get the Sky+ remote to operate my TV (Aiwa). Have tried all the codes. So, is there a way to make it work or can I buy a cheap, learning remote that I can fire the TV remote into that is also convenient for use with Sky+ (has guide, cursors, play, record etc. buttons).

Any suggestions around £20-30?


I use a One For All 6, better range than the original as well

The Robman

In case you're interested, the Sky remote is hackable. Once it has been modified it can be programmed using JP1.

There are two versions of the Sky remote floating around, one which is easy to hack and one which is a little harder. If you look in the battery compartment, there's an opening below where the batteries go. If you can see the PCB and there are 6 small holes in it, you have the easy version, if you just see black plastic you have the harder version.

For the easy version, all you have to do is solder in an EEPROM chip and a 6-pin connector.

For the harder version you need to add a small piece of perf board and solder the EEPROM and 6-pin to the board, then connect the baord to the main PCB with some fine wires. I recently did this mod for a friend of mine so I know what to do. I haven't written up the instructions yet, but I can help anyone who wants to try it. I have pictures.

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