LeAnn Rimes Best Of - What's with the audio ?


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Has anyone else got the "Leann Rimes - Best Of" DVD and noticed a serious problem with the audio ?

The sound to me appears to be totally screwed up. It almost sounds like what you hear is just the front L/R of a 5.1 mix, or maybe some serious phase error. I'd almost go as far as saying her voice sounds like it was recorded using a baked bean tin on the end of a piece of string ! Oh, and the level is really low.

The disc is recorded in DD2.0. It sounds bad no matter what processing mode is used (Stereo, PLII music, etc.). It sounds the same using the 2 channel down mix out the back of the DVD player and the same through the audio output of the SCART to the TV.

Had I bought the DVD off the high street I'd take it back, but I got it off an Amazon Marketplace seller, so it's not that simple. I'm convinced the disc is original and not a rip. All my other DVD's (including DD2.0 titles) sound just fine.

Any thoughts ?


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