Leak Proof Tank Coil Combo

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As the title suggest I am looking for a tank coil combo that absolutely does not leak, I would really appreciate it if any user can advise me of a completely leak free vaping experience, ty in advance for any help.


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Probably a bit late now, but I’ve never had a leak from S22 TF Tank (Topfill)
Plenty of coil options too.
Head to Vape Coils | JAC Vapour for the full range of coils.
Personally I struggle with mtl coil life, I’m not sure why, but they dry hit on me for no apparent reason. They do seem to recover if you’re patient, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on. Never tried DL coils so can’t comment on those.
That said, other than a bit juice appearing around the top cap after filling if you don’t wipe around it and the tank threading it’s never even had a hint of a leak.


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I don't think there is any tank that absolutely not leaking since always ejuice in it.
You can try RDA with just 4-5 drips so you can vape for 2-3 times, and drip again....

Don't know there is any top airflow tank so that the ejuice will leak from the bottom airflow


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Sounds like you just need to take better care of your vape—If you have to use a tool to open it, get A rubber strap wrench,

Using pliers or vice locks or most anything.except for hand loosening will cause enough damage to make a tank leak.

Doesn’t take very long for that to cost you more than what a new one would be in spilled Juice
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