League of Extraordinary Gentlemen



Just got my single disc through Play. Their site stated that this was DD only: the two disc set included DTS.

Seems the site got it wrong, as the single disc also has DTS. Just thought I'd mention it, as I know how keen some are on DTS (although I'm not looking to reignite that particular argument!).

Unless you're into your extras, I guess there's not much point buying the two-disc version...
yeh i did think it was dumb to release both one and two disc versions of a film that would have a limited audience anyway. The extras are ok but not worth paying extra for... and no I didn't pay for the two-disc.:D
i watched it last week and i have to say i was totally underwelmed by it even with DTS.

I saw it when it was released and really enjoyed it so got the 2 Disc release for £12.99
I like fantasy stuff but this was IMHO just total rubbish. It was so crazily far-fetched that no matter how I tried to get into it I just could not stretch my imagination to believe in it. I kept asking myself "what nine-year-old wrote this?"

Sound and picture quality were very good but I saw a blue flash across the screen at times that was a bit puzzling as it's something I have never seen an any other DVD.

i kept seeing the blue flash as well! It really bugged me!

Yeah, it was pants, wasn't it?
In the extras, Sean Connery said he was offered Galdiator (I think) but didn't understand it so he turned it down. Was offered The Matrix and didn't understand it so turned it down.
And was offered The League and didn't understand it but felt that shouldn't stop him after his other mistakes.
3rd time unlucky, Sean.
Just watched this and while it was not one of the best films i have seen, it was ok.
Bit silly with some of the ideas, but the effect's were brilliant.

And i gotta say, that this is own brill film to have as a demo disk, to show what a SUB can and cant do.......
i've never heard/felt so much low end thud on a film before.......it was nearly right the way through the film.....must of only been about 5 mins in total, without any thuds or thumps.

Its well worth buying just for the sound affects.
I have not seen the film, but would not anyway with the crappy reviews, but I would recommend you all read the comic if you haven't, the charcters are just Mina Harker, Prof Quatermain, Dr Jeckyll, The Invisible Man and Captain Nemo.

No padded out AMerican characters, the story is set in alternate Victorian age, where the technology is more advanced, hence why some ppl may found some the things going on in the film that is set in Victorian times a bit unbelievable.

The comic by Allan Moore is well written, funny and violent! Lots of killing, the characters make no compromise as they have done in the film, Hawley Griffen (Invisible man) murders and rapes, Mr Hyde massacres whole gangs, The Prof is a drug addict. My currebt fav graphic novel, the best i've read for a while, start with Vol 1 though!
I comped quite a lot of the car driving through venice shots and considering the time we had it all looks much better than we expected it to be.

I hate the scenes with the main characters talking on the deck of the nautilus with a totally static sea behind them and then the next minute it cuts to a wide of the nautilus plowing through the waves at 200knots! Then back and there isn't so much as a hair being blown!

Whats the blue flash? All the lens flare additions ( on the car for example) are anamorphic ones which traditionally have a big blue streak running through them horizontally ( the car model was actually shot on an anamorphic vista camera for some shots ( something like 8112x3112 res when unsquished) but the anamorphic adaptor had to have been behind the actual lens element as all the flares were circular and didn't match the rest of the film so we juiced a lot of them up. ( the car is a 4 foot model in a lot of the shots whilst the buildings are mostly CG in the larger shots ironically enough with practical dust and debris elements ...and some cg debris pieces.

They are real actual anamorphic lens flares though ( I tend to use real ones shot on film with ditrty great cheap anamorphic lenses that are full of abberation, makes the flares more interesting, rather than generate them . ( Although I've knocked one or two up from scratch occasionally). This isn't the blue flash thing you are seeing?
if i had understood what you meant i might be able to say yes or no! :D

i did not notice any blue flash's or streaks in my copy, unless they are so quick that i blinked and missed them.
they were pretty quick and, if i recall, at a scene transition, so i guess they could be missed. But i have to say the really jumped at me, it wasnt just one of those 'did it happen or didnt it?' things

I remember the blue light flashes, but it didn't look unnatural or distracting in any way. I've seen similar effects on other films such as tomb raider 2
I don't remember any blue flashes on the region1 version??
ah well i wouldnt be caught watching things like tomb raider 2 so i wouldnt know. Maybe it is just me, im pretty sensitive to anything abnormal as far as colors go

Just got round to watching this, and I quite enjoyed it. The story was interesting (although I've not read the comic, so I don't know how accurate it is).

I loved the look of the film (some really nice design touches on some of the hardware) and the sound was pretty impressive.

However, the film seemed to lack a spark. It was good, but it could have been great. Perhaps there wasn't enough character development?

Loved the tank at the beginning though! Where can I get one of those? I'm glad they didn't make it massive: the original WW1 tanks were apparently relatively small.
I would say that the blue flashes I saw were more than pple are describing here. have a look at Captain Nemo in the library. there is a blue line across the the screen at about his eye level. I must have a look again tonight. I also saw a similar flash while watching Tears of the Sun last weekend. I hope that it is not a problem developing with my projector.

Originally posted by Comer
I would say that the blue flashes I saw were more than pple are describing here. have a look at Captain Nemo in the library. there is a blue line across the the screen at about his eye level.

Just checked my copy and i got no blue line here.....
I'm viewing on a 42 RPTV, so maybe my screen is not big enough to detect it.
No, it was pretty obvious, i doubt it was because of your screen. I will check it when i have the projector on again


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