League Cup 2020/21

jason g

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@jason g - next time Utd play can you please let us have your thoughts on the line up as soon as you’ve seen it?

i have given my thoughts on the team plenty of times mate, before and after matches, i never wanted maguire before we bought him as i never rated him and still don't, same with lindelof, as for pogba he shouldn't even be in the team as he doesn't want to play for utd and im seek of him banging on about moving away from utd, we shouldn't be playing someone who is looking to always want to leave whether it's him or his parasite agent neither should be near utd, all pogba is doing at the moment is shop window football, just enough to warrant a team to want to buy him.

i always wanted bailly and tzuanbe to be the centre backs as there are more trustworthy than bill and ben at the back, i know bailly could get injured which is why we are looking at buying a centre back, i would even play matic in place of maguire.

VDB has been treated badly by ole, i really think he should drop pogba and play VDB alongside bruno at least for a few games because VDB has always played well.

jason g

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And can you stop antagonising @rustybin with your reference to the ‘idiots at the back’ (which of the four did you mean by the way?)

bill and ben at centre back.

AVB is a strange one, superb at one on ones and can shut out a player but going forward is awful, as for shaw he's playing really well and i think that's down to jose im afraid as shaw had got a new desire to play to prove jose wrong and he still has that desire inside him now.

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