LE40M87BDX - faulty - what are my rights?


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Jul 20, 2007
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Hello everyone.

This is a long story and I would have searched the other thread but it's 11,000 postings long now which is just daft...

I got my LE40M87BDX from Beyond Television at the end of August. To start with it was okay but it was a couple of weeks before I tested it properly because I didn't have Sky HD or it mounted on the wall.

Then I got a noticeable clouding on the left hand side, accompanied with a kind of pulsing horizontal line across the screen. This was at the start of October, so just over 28 days.

I mailed Beyond Television about it and all I got from them was a reply saying it's nothing to do with them because it's outside the 28 days (more of that later) and that I should contact Samsung.

I contacted Samsung and they engaged a local TV repair company to take the telly and test it. Based on their findings the telly would be replaced if necessary or fixed (more on that later too...)

So it was away for a couple of weeks and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Now my confidence in them is low, especially when I saw how they picked up the telly (in the back of a transit with a dust sheet thrown on it). So I don't believe it was properly tested, to be honest.

I spoke to the engineer we agreed that I'd have the telly back and see if it was still happening, which of course it was. This is on all inputs - HD via HDMI, DVD via HDMI, Freeview through the internal decoder and regular terrestrial. BTW, the wall on which the telly is hung has nothing in it aside from some power cables for the regular electric sockets at skirting level. Surely this isn't an interference problem? Anyway, I invited the engineer to my house to see it for himself. He declined and said he'd tell Samsung anyway that it needed to be fixed (didn't want the hassle I guess).

I waited and heard nothing from Samsung. I called them and they said that they'd spoken to these jokers and had been told they couldn't find anything wrong with the set so the case was closed. I spoke directly to the jokers again and the engineer yet again said he didn't know why that had been said but he'd confirm the telly was broken if asked.

I re-called Samsung and got a call back today...you guessed it, they say the jokers STILL say they couldn't find anything wrong with the telly. So, I had heated words with the Samsung people because I still have a broken telly.

The upshot is that Samsung won't repair it because their "independent" engineers say there's nothing wrong with the telly. They don't have any other independents in my area so I'm stuffed there. Samsung say that I should actually go back to Beyond Television because even outside the 28 days, they have a resposibility for the goods to be working correctly.

I know what will happen. Beyond Television will tell me that the telly can't be replaced by them, I need to contact Samsung...and the whole cycle will start again.

Can anyone please, please, please tell me what I should do? I have a near-on £900 telly which has awful clouding and they're all passing the buck.

Thanks for listening...

Really sorry to hear your story mate, must be so frustrating.

In a situation like this, i think i'd kick up a fuss in the shop you bought it from and explain everything that has happened and be really demanding that you want a replacement - ask to speak to the manager and try be demanding about what you want done about the situation.

Isn't there some place you can ring about things like this ? Ofcom ? You could seek some advice from them ...

Good luck getting this sorted out, i know how crap it is when you spend so much money on a product and then it goes wrong, it's a terrible feeling.
It is the resposibility of the retailer NOT the maker to sort out the problem, and if you dont get anywhere with them and paid by credit card then take it up with them as they also share responsibility. You have rights here, and demand they they deal with it.
try quoting the "Sale of Goods Act", sure it states something about being suitable for the task for "a reasonable time".
Contact trading standards from their show room, that usually rattles traders who try the old 1 months warranty game...:lesson:
It is the resposibility of the retailer NOT the maker to sort out the problem, and if you dont get anywhere with them and paid by credit card then take it up with them as they also share responsibility. You have rights here, and demand they they deal with it.

When you say that it's the retailers responsibility to sort out the problem, is it acceptable for them to offer to book a service call with Samsung? Is that "sorting it out"?

I'm guessing there's no way that Beyond Television would ever offer to replace the telly now, is there? It's going to be a repair isn't it? And under those circumstances, all they'd do is get Samsung on the case...who would therefore contact my local engineer...who say there's no problem.

In fact I called Beyond Television this morning and that's exactly what happened. She offered to book a service call with Samsung as it's outside the first month after purchase. As far as I can see, that covers "sorting out the problem", correct?

I'm stuffed, aren't I.

I'm stuffed, aren't I.

Not at all. As has been said, it's the retailers responsibility to sort this out. Get them to arrange things and when you're contacted by the service engineer and/or Samsung, insist that someone sees the fault in situe. Keep on at them.

Also, be prepared for the fact that it may not be a fault at all and could possibly something wrong with your setup, ie, it could turn out to be some form of electrical interference. Have you tried running the TV in another room/house.
As neilmcl has said,the warrenty is with the retailer. That is for the whole warrenty period not just for the 28 days.
I would look in your local phone book and ring trading standards,they will then give you the number for Consumer Direct.
I had to do this last year to sort out a replacement suite from DFS.They will tell you exactly what to do and where you stand

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