LE32R41BD With PS2 And Dynamic Contrast


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Does anyone else notice the dynamic contrast on certain games either goes overly bright or over dark when the screen goes dark for a second under in game loading screens? I mean for Fifa 2006 and Pro Evo every time there is a corner the screen goes dark for a split second because it is loading. I believe this fools the TV into thinking that it has to overcompensate. When I do actually get round to taking the corner it is extremely bright. But when I knock it out of play it corrects itself. Because of this I ususally just turn off dynamic contrast. But I would like to keep it on as it looks better. Has anyone else exerienced this problem?




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yea i noticed a problem like that.. i think it's fixed a lot now.

here's my ps2 settings if they help:
contrast: 80
sharpness 50
colour 50
colour tone: cool1
brightness sensor off,
dynamic contrast:eek:ff

the brightness may be too high so lower it down.
I plan on getting a component cable soon!


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thanks for those settings. I'll try them out when I get home.

I have a component cable for my PS2 and it makes a significant improvment to PQ. However it does not get rid of the problem though.


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Is it actually possible to save individual settings within each source? as I believe I have only managed to get one setting that provides for all sources?

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